12 Words in Different Chinese Dialects & Languages

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Опубликовано: 26.01.2017
CN, MY One whole video in a different language! Today's video will be in Mandarin! REMEMBER to switch on subtitles for ENGLISH subtitles! We are exploring the difference between different dialects in the Chinese language, more specifically - between Mandarin (Standard Chinese), Cantonese, Hokkien (Malaysian), and Chongqing dialect. Special thanks to Grace, Holly and Min! :D Check out the video to find out what the words are! =) Find us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/theforkingtomatoes If you like this video, remember to subscribe to us so you get updated when we release our upcoming videos! If you enjoyed watching our video, do give us a thumbs up, and share it with your friends! Credits: Music: Little Idea - Bensound.com Images: Flaglane.com Fonts: Fontsquirrel.com, Chinesefontdesign.com Sounds: Freesound.org
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The Forking Tomatoes 23.06.2017 15:43
I feel that some things are going out of hand and would like to clarify: 1. We were all having fun, and none of the comments and laughter were meant to be derogatory. There is no disrespect. I wish that you all can just see that we are just having fun sharing the language, and being amused at the differences between the languages. 2. We used the term dialect mainly because of a direct translation of the Chinese terminology. We are aware that they are languages. 3. We are just trying to show the differences between different languages in the Chinese community. We appreciate the historical discussion, but it'd be good to also refrain from hurling insults. We wish for this to be a comfortable platform for discussion, and fun, and sharing. With that said, thanks for the support guys and girls! Stay tuned to more videos! 
jorgenmoll 22.09.2019 14:07
Of course you're just having fun. It's such a nice video.
William Re 03.03.2019 02:14
Chawan 14.01.2019 21:34
Daddy joke? 06:39. Ai zhio(like to laugh)
Ayrica Glory 19.06.2018 00:49
The Forking Tomatoes what about fugenese
The Forking Tomatoes 17.06.2018 18:10
Stefanie Hii 找一天试一试
Cat Ulthar 24.11.2019 13:38
Nah, 空心菜 in Cantonese is 通菜。 通, in this case, meaning empty inside this Tsoi/Choi.
Cat Ulthar 24.11.2019 13:41
I appreciate the Cantonese dialect in the video. But inaccurate. She from GZ and speak too much mandarin. I assume...
Irun Mon 22.11.2019 06:23
Newbie here, why they're not separated languages? they sound almost so different to non speaker like myself. Bahasa Indo and malay are two different languages but almost sound the same
Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo 24.11.2019 09:47
You're right, Chongqing dialect is just a dialect of Mandarin Chinese (different branch from Beijing Chinese, from which standard Chinese is derived from). Hokkien is classified as Min Nan Chinese and Cantonese is Yue Chinese.
Camren Davis 24.11.2019 00:12
They are different languages to a point. Chongqing being more of a dialect so is partially intelligible to Mandarin. The other two, however, are completely different languages
Singi Hahn 20.11.2019 22:04
Sequana is the river from France xddd
Ksawery Kaminski 20.11.2019 12:56
as a Taiwanese hokkien speaker, yeah we always say ''eng tsai'' and i get hungry even just saying this world haha
Ksawery Kaminski 23.11.2019 05:19
@W C well i'm talking about the number 4 water spinach in malaysian hokkien because we also speak hokkien in Taiwan.
W C 23.11.2019 01:52
but she is from taiyuan not taiwan
Dita Mars 19.11.2019 14:05
Alyssa Syn Yen Yeoh 16.11.2019 05:21
I am Hokkien! Ye!
Sutono Mardi 09.11.2019 12:12
Should be a sentence not just a word
Major Calvary 07.11.2019 00:49
I think Shandong, Beijing, Taiwanese (Fujianese) would also be interesting to be included. At least in Taiwan, we think Mandarin is the official dialect, but Taiwanese Mandarin is still very different from Beijing Dialect. Many mainlander ancestry Taiwanese were soldiers of ROC that cane from either Shandong or Sichuan regions.
sky wall 06.11.2019 02:51
a lot of laugh...
Sou ka 30.10.2019 15:26
空心菜 Me: Ganggong 
Asuka Kattau 27.10.2019 10:22
Why do they laugh upon hearing a dialect word?
Jun Hoong Lee 26.10.2019 09:56
Damn I've gotta say he speaks mandarin fantastically accurate and fluent considering him being a Malaysian Chinese, it's basically exactly the same as the legit China's Mandarin. Most Malaysian Chinese here in Australia can't even finish a sentence. I left KL a year ago by the age of 15 and I feel like my Chinese is disintegrating heavily day by day. :(
Siyuan Feng 22.10.2019 20:16
Our Taiyuan people do not speak mandarin! So pissed off! It’s Jin dialect
Sumyee Wu 16.10.2019 09:33
而且不是福建话 是闽南话哦 福建有闽南闽北闽西完全不一样的呢
Sumyee Wu 16.10.2019 09:31
硬踩吧 谁讲空心菜讲空心菜啊???
AnimeMist 霞 13.10.2019 15:09
In Malaysia I hear alot of Hokkien but they never say these. *They curse*
Juliette 06.10.2019 13:30
Why are you guys making fun of each other, bursting out laughing every time at the Chongqing accent, calling each others' dialects/topolects "ugly"? It's so irresponsible. How do you think you make your viewers feel?
Juliette 06.10.2019 13:40
Come on, guys, you can do better
Juliette 06.10.2019 13:39
WHY are you making disparaging phonetic comparisons, for example, saying that words sound like "butt" in Mandarin? What does that accomplish other than satisfy a middle-schooler's sense of humor??
Juliette 06.10.2019 13:25
You should really distinguish between dialects, topolects, and languages; it's your responsibility as a content creator
Juliette 06.10.2019 13:35
Calling Mandarin "standard Chinese" is just...... linguistically wrong
Ng John 06.10.2019 11:07
There should be high Cantonese and low Cantonese As a native speaker of Cantonese, I'm proud that we are diglossic
Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo 24.11.2019 09:49
What do you mean "high" and "low"?