Guangzhou (Canton) China in 1930

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Опубликовано: 10.02.2011
A travelogue film from Guangzhou (Canton) and Beijing, China in 1930 from the Penn Museum Film Archives.
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There Is No Truth 23.11.2019 17:22
fk all you imperialists
jw chong 22.11.2019 15:47
流俗 19.11.2019 20:45
William W 18.11.2019 13:14
Санжар Касымов 18.11.2019 07:23
solobackpacking 15.11.2019 23:38
It is clear which societies build (Asia and Europe) and which societies destroy (all the the southern hemisphere).
何志强 28.10.2019 08:24
At least no black men there then.
Krezno 03.11.2019 05:20
what's wrong with black people?
海阔天空 23.10.2019 10:42
travelvideos 21.10.2019 09:53
Looks like somebody's travel blog where travel starts in Canton. Hutongs are not that common building style in Guangdong. They have more like multistory buildings.
Oscar Martins Afonso de Paiva 21.10.2019 00:58
Muito boas imagens, sugiro que coloquem um trilha sonora chinesa da época.
ZG Bai 20.10.2019 11:55
9:59, 10:31, 13:04 that’s Beijing, not Canton.
L Xin 11.10.2019 20:02
I love this video a lot, it’s amazing to see how does China look like before culture revolution. The video helps restore real Chinese culture.
What' Ev 26.10.2019 06:26
@Leonard Pearlman Okay. Yare dumb. Ya cant understand shiet. Ill tell ya anyway. See? Hes talking about their traditions and the valuable culture of the past. Not about wealth, life expectancy, policies or technology. About culture. If you cant understand that, then, were hopeless.
What' Ev 26.10.2019 06:22
@Leonard Pearlman Eh, man.. I dont get comments.
Leonard Pearlman 14.10.2019 13:58
Oh, it's a dream! You can live this dream TODAY, by just moving to Haiti! Is this what you want for China?
S. Young 09.10.2019 23:21
The Chinese refer to this provincial capital city as Guangzhou 廣州. Why are so many commenters still calling it "Canton?!" This is our city, not yours.
Krezno 03.11.2019 05:26
Then why don't you say America instead of 美国? Canton isn't even offensive, we still call people from Guangzhou Cantonese...
What' Ev 26.10.2019 06:17
You are aware that, while its totally legit to feel as you feel, you the chinese dont use the foreigner's language to name the foreigner towns, geographical locations and etc? It seems hypocritical that you use fancy names for continents like America, still refering to them as you did in Antiquity, yet ask for YOURS to be respected. You understand that attitude is pure hypocrisy and chauvinism, for which eastasians are well known? What is the chinese rendering of London, Paris, New York or Rome? New York? Rome? The proper names? Or something different spelled totally in a different way? We could get upset about that too. At this moment in time you should had gotten used to the fact that China ISNT THE CENTER OF THE WORLD.
JFelix Sam 24.10.2019 05:46
Œë ʕ•ٹ•ʔ you are right! I bet a lot of cantonese borned children don’t speak cantonese these days, so sad
yj 24.10.2019 05:09
Œë ʕ•ٹ•ʔ 15.10.2019 17:50
If you think, it's a shame of your nation, you should tell the world officially don't call it Canton anymore. And Tibet, too. And Zhongguo instead of China.
Eric ST 02.10.2019 06:47
From my great grandparents (both sides), my family is rooted in this city. So happy living here, and looking forwards for more tourists.
Arch Stanton 19.06.2019 18:49
This is what incredible india looks like in 2019.
Bouncy M&M 12.10.2019 03:48
Lol I feel bad for laughing
Elite Coffin 05.09.2019 06:24
It's Canton china in the oldest times
Juan Pablo 08.06.2019 23:39
A quien le importa que sus padres nacieron alli ?
DS yip 30.04.2019 01:09
There was a major massacre of people suspected of siding with Mao around this time in Canton initiated by Chiang's army. My ancestors avoided Canton and instead used Swatao to escape to S E Asia.
Leonard Pearlman 14.10.2019 14:01
According to the literature of the time, you could get your head cut off for almost nothing, like having short hair (for women), or being in a trade union. The Kuomintang was just killing people on a broad scale who were their allies! They really did the information blackout, too. In the west, we're still repeating wartime propaganda of the Kuomintang!
Bouncy M&M 12.10.2019 23:38
sarunghakan feng come back and visit. It’s now one of the most modern cities in the world!
sarunghakan feng 19.07.2019 05:02
different parts? I'm from Malaysia, i never knew why our ancestors migrated.. my father said during times of hardship.
Bruce Burns 03.03.2019 05:37
Nothing advanced in China in 5000 years , if you went back in time there would be absolutely nothing different to what you see here . Today they have been saved from themselves by the Western World but they still cling to one man power , the new Emperor Xi Jinping who will bring them grief again as all one man states do but the Chinese are yet to understand why Democracies came about .
Michael L 08.11.2019 20:37
You are, the typical ignorant and arrogant bonehead. know nothing about China and its 5000 history. the rise of China must be scared for you 
YANNIS KONG 03.11.2019 13:18
Krezno ok, sorry. But it’s mentioned to me.
Krezno 03.11.2019 11:53
@YANNIS KONG i wasn't responding to you.
YANNIS KONG 03.11.2019 11:29
Krezno hahahaha, you think what is true and then that is the fact. I don’t want to argue with you. Don’t think that is the truth if you have never experienced there.
Krezno 03.11.2019 05:34
Although your post is pretty ignorant, I'll only address your last sentence. The people in china can't exactly protest or ask for a change in the government... We all know how that turned out the last time...
百姓声音 25.02.2019 04:47
Beijing then was so beautiful and unique with Chinese features. It is common today all copied wheaten style architectures everywhere.
Js Fu 17.02.2019 00:56