China Canton Tower Lights Show & Guangzhou Night View & Guangzhou Travel Video 4k

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Опубликовано: 03.01.2019
China Canton Tower Lights Show & Guangzhou Night View & Guangzhou Travel Video. The Canton Tower (Chinese: 广州塔), formally Guangzhou TV Astronomical and Sightseeing Tower (Chinese: 广州电视台天文及观光塔), is a 604 metres (1,982 ft) tall multi-purpose observation tower in the Haizhu District of the city of Guangzhou (historically known as Canton). The tower was topped out in 2009 and it became operational on 29 September 2010 for the 2010 Asian Games.The tower briefly held the title of tallest tower in the world, replacing the CN Tower, before being surpassed by the Tokyo Skytree. It was the tallest structure in China prior to the topping out of Shanghai Tower on 3 August 2013. It is now the second tallest tower and the fourth-tallest freestanding structure in the world.
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Duh Harro 11.11.2019 06:31
Looks like Coruscant.
szaman3533 24.10.2019 18:20
After 2 days I will be in GZ again:)
Chew 06.08.2019 02:23
Beautiful city and great video
Drone China 07.08.2019 00:54
Hi Chew, ThANK YOU!
姐姐JEONNY 19.07.2019 02:17
Love china
Drone China 20.07.2019 02:55
Thank you!
dodge 24.03.2019 16:10
Drone China 26.03.2019 02:37
szaman3533 15.03.2019 18:59
Soon i will there again;) I can't wait;)
Drone China 16.03.2019 14:11
@szaman3533 Yep,GZ is very beautiful city!
szaman3533 16.03.2019 10:26
@Drone China thank you so much, i will in GZ in next month- April, soooo.... excited;)
Drone China 16.03.2019 03:32
Jatin Abhir 04.03.2019 08:14
The most beautiful building.... 
Jesse Pinkman 12.04.2019 01:49
It’s not a building it’s a tower and I prefer the CN Tower it’s more classy
Happy ness 23.01.2019 13:14
Drone China 24.01.2019 11:00
jacob blaeser 17.01.2019 20:44
Wow... this is PHENOMENAL! This would be perfect in the AirVuz China Collection. AirVuz is the world’s top online drone community, and perfect place for added exposure 
Drone China 18.01.2019 00:12
Hi, Jacob.. Thanks a lot!
Libmanan Channel 05.01.2019 01:38
The landscape of the night town in China is very beautiful! Music is also very suitable for video! It is a work of good sense of your sense! Thank you my friend!
Drone China 05.01.2019 05:12
Ths, Bro..
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