China opens Daxing International Airport with world's largest terminal

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Опубликовано: 25.09.2019
President Xi Jinping inaugurated a second international airport for the Chinese capital with the world's biggest terminal. Beijing Daxing International Airport is designed to handle 72 million passengers a year. CBS News' Gwen Baumgardner reports.
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Brian Cheung 11.11.2019 01:27
Daxing Airport = Dashing Aiport
Anty Pang 30.10.2019 08:17
That's a wonderful news. Passengers can book the train ticket via China Train Booking app.!:)
Ana Maria 28.10.2019 10:54
I don't care. Will never visit a communist country....MAGA
rncmv 05.11.2019 21:41
It should be easy to accomplish, since there is no "communist country" and never was one; btw. why do you comment on this, if you do not care?
MrPathorock 10.10.2019 01:44
LAX is the worst airport in the whole world!
For The Watch 03.10.2019 09:29
Why she reporting lies. It wasn’t 17BN, was actually 12BN
jay bell 02.10.2019 20:15
Maybe if ameriKKKa Spent its billions ON their civilians rather than on War Mongering who's Basis is a Sht full of Lies, these two Hater Btchs would really have something to say. Perhaps they and other ameriKKKans would like to Volunteer, and give a portion of Their money to all the Miles of neighborhood Homelessness and Down and out shelters, or, Or, go start digging to build an airport. They can start by using their teeth. 
E L 02.10.2019 13:02
An you trump this, Mr. Trump!??
Sun Shine 02.10.2019 07:49
The free media 
Amet Alvarez 02.10.2019 05:33
Kiki Ai 02.10.2019 03:06
Wei Zhang 02.10.2019 02:36
Actually it’s 4 years instead of 5 years.
Vladimir Hammerstein 02.10.2019 01:15
Beautiful design. The next one amazing will be the City of Mexico Airport.
Mort Goldman 01.10.2019 15:22
Anything Chinese made is crap
CB H 01.10.2019 03:06
Nice airport, to bad no one in China is allows to travel anywhere without the government permission.
Alan Xu 04.10.2019 05:33
Where did you get this? Last year 149.7 million Chinese traveled overseas. How many citizens live in your country?
jun zhou 02.10.2019 07:17
As a Chinese, I never knew it. Probably in my parents youth time , you know it’s mao’s time
Ben Ben 01.10.2019 00:53
Meanwhile Heathrow 3rd runway is under discussion... after some 5 years !
LighteN Ing 30.09.2019 23:38
Beijing airport: please aliens, for the last time this is NOT your base on the earth. Go to Area 51, spells A R E A…
Dickcheese143 02.10.2019 14:51
This comment is just plain dumb
sunnydays DDT 30.09.2019 23:16
Newark airport is going to build a 500million car rental facility.
L Mao 30.09.2019 16:43
For some details: 1. Its built in 3 years 7 month. 2. Daxing prounce like 'dah shing‘ in Chinese. 3.I thinks the most interesting technology used in this airport is: they built a automatic valet parking system. When you wanna park, just leave your car, robots will come, fetch the car and park. Same things happen when you want to leave.
Gengstauros FTW 30.09.2019 13:29
give me your social credits
alohaa 29.09.2019 23:31
New İstanbul Airport is much larger than Beijing Daxing but its still great!
Zesen Hong 20.10.2019 10:51
I’ve been there for layover earlier this year. The Turkish Airlines lounge was exceptionally amazing.