World's longest sea bridge! Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to boost logistics

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Опубликовано: 22.10.2018
Bridge of opportunity: The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is expected to boost logistics in the Pearl River Delta region, after it opens to traffic later this week. Follow us on: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Xinhuanet:
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HAO TRAN 20.11.2019 16:10
What is the music song at beginning, thanks
Nick Banks 16.11.2019 01:24
Alexa, can play DIO's Holy Diver for me? Alexa: now playing Holy Diver.
YOYO AMIR 13.11.2019 19:07
আর আমাদের আছে বালের পদ্মা ব্রিজ
Kiyaw Loro 04.11.2019 12:57
Make it longer 1 million times longer and finish it immediately...maybe I impress it !!!
Kiyaw Loro 04.11.2019 12:49
Make some much linger its very short
Kiyaw Loro 04.11.2019 12:49
its a very short bridge in the world
Kiyaw Loro 04.11.2019 12:48
its very short bridge make some more longer longer much longer
Kiyaw Loro 04.11.2019 12:47
Make much longer its very short
Kiyaw Loro 04.11.2019 12:47
its that the longest bridge? its very short
Sohail Khan 03.11.2019 10:19
Kausar Shah 30.10.2019 08:59
Great this
GAMEPLAY PHXNK1992 25.10.2019 11:22
EA GAMES could make the need for speed on this bridge
PABITRA NAIK 19.10.2019 10:22
PABITRA NAIK 19.10.2019 10:22
Ohhhh so beautiful modern nature
DeMOCRACY NEWS 13.10.2019 05:18
Nice Bridge
Mahtab Q RDx 12.10.2019 10:44
Love and respect china from Pakistan.......
wahyu lesmono 10.10.2019 06:37
everything bout China is something big, beyond average ...they are the maestro nowadays, leaving other country even america in terks of technolgy... i wonder if the people are moslem... they suppose to build the mosque bigger, more lavish & luxurios than Masjid Haram in Mecca
Mr stranger 10.10.2019 02:12
China is the best country in the world.. Because they never waste their time in stupid stuff ☺️☺️a huge respect from India☺️
Raj s 02.10.2019 16:47
Why no traffic seen on the bridge ?
he he 26.09.2019 09:21