Lagoon Lounge - After the Storm

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Опубликовано: 17.03.2019
Time for Gou's Resolution. What happened to Gou? Why did he have to Resolve? Find out!
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Hưng Quang 18.10.2019 14:28
You only have 1 like so I gave you one
Angel Generation 22.10.2019 10:01
@Hưng Quang Oh, and I'm flattered, I'm just gonna be a tease for now however
Angel Generation 22.10.2019 10:01
@Hưng Quang Woah, is there an age restriction?
Hưng Quang 22.10.2019 09:36
And I’m not old enough ;—;
Hưng Quang 22.10.2019 09:36
Will u b my gay? =))
Angel Generation 22.10.2019 07:08
Thanks dude
Jagzuo Paz 18.03.2019 02:17
1.-Yes there is a second and a third game, for now just the original one but the creator will remake them like this one for steam,im waiting for it too bad. 2.-Just 2 restaurants in a village but they have problema whit number of customers its stupid xd. 3.-How do you resist.... I wanted to see the bath :( 4.-I hope you will moan hehehe ¬u¬ 5.-Tengo que repetir algunas partes del video, para teminar de entenderte al completo, maldito inglés fluido, adoro tus chistes y voz, como sea. Esperare el siguiente capitulo.... Que sea de 40 minutos cariño 7u7. 6.-20 years? Your voice its like 30 im 16 btw :V
Angel Generation 18.03.2019 05:04
1 - I can obtain them, and turns out there is an English option. 2 - I think I complain too much about it... like anime and WWE, logic is ignored. 3 - I think I was recording before work sooooo.... I had to watch the clock 4 - I did. I did the WHOLE scene as a test, a small test, moans, groans, sucking and swallowing, as I'm think "Maybe when I get my art pad, I''ll use the sounds as sounds for a animation too saucy for YouTube ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We'll see if I will do it here, some people to subscribed probably knows me 0_0" 5 - 40 minutos es mucho no? 0_0 6 - people say I look 30. Obviously there's videos of me in my channel. 7 - THIS VIDEO WAS NOT MEANT TO BE PUBLISHED TODAY! I SCREWED UP! But since your a fan of these videos I'll spill the news.... I want to finish this game, so maybe you probably noticed, but last video I posted on a monday... guess what this video was meant to be put up in?
Lagoon Lounge - Let's Clap some Gou Cheeks 40:36
Lagoon Lounge - Yuujirou Ending 1:04:49

Lagoon Lounge - Yuujirou Ending

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STRIP! STRIP! STRIP! [Lagoon Lounge - Part 2] 29:01

STRIP! STRIP! STRIP! [Lagoon Lounge - Part 2]

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THE BOYS LOOK BEAUTIFUL | Kingsguard Ep 1 3:47:28


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Lagoon Lounge - Yamato's moment 32:52

Lagoon Lounge - Yamato's moment

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