Walking Home From Work in Dongguan, China

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Опубликовано: 10.09.2018
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joshuajayden77 15.08.2019 02:42
I seen a video where this city was empty, now i see its nicely populated now.
Игорь 29.06.2019 01:14
Hi, i'm from Saint Petersburg. Watched your video and saw "Газпром", then heard from you "Давай, быстро". Lol! Where did you get russian words?)
Russell Solomon 31.10.2019 08:31
Hello Igor, I lived in Kazakhstan for five years! My wife is from Kazakhstan! I learned a little bit of Russian. :)
Antediluvian Clockwork 20.05.2019 15:16
Keep up the videos. Makes me want to record myself walking around in Shenzhen.
I am going teaching too in Dongguan, China! I like Chinese food. Free teaching to girls that need or want to learn English as a second language! In exchange, I want the girls to show me the China. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE let's enjoy Dongguan, China and share some love! ;--)
mr xuxe obiang 28.01.2019 19:17
I want to teach Spanish do you think that is possible there?
Russell Solomon 31.10.2019 08:32
Not sure! There are a lot of Brazilians in Dongguan. Do you speak Portuguese?!?
Martine Lee 18.01.2019 23:02
Hi Russell! I am applying to teach English in Dongguan, China for May or June 2019! If you are interested maybe we can keep in touch! :) I am from Canada :)
litong fu 16.02.2019 06:41
Welcome to China
Shawn Li 07.11.2018 05:27
Thanks for revealing the amazing dongcheng where I used to live, kinda makes me feel a bit homesick as im now studying abroad
Jonathan Peña 06.11.2018 23:16
Does it remain a more than half-empty town? Doesn't look like it!
Franklin Hu 23.10.2018 07:32
don't think it's Spanish moss but roots hanging from trees.
ClassicFrank 13.09.2018 01:35
Nice video! Are you an English teacher? I haven't finished the video yet, but my plan is to possibly come to Dongguan this late year or early 2019 to teach!
Russell Solomon 31.10.2019 08:32
Hello sir, I work at an international school in Dongguan, China. I hope you made it to Dongguan!
Russell Solomon 11.04.2019 09:50
ClassicFrank hello! Sorry took so long to respond! Yes I have WeChat. Search Russell Solomon
litong fu 16.02.2019 06:35
@ClassicFrank 13537393737
mr xuxe obiang 28.01.2019 19:19
@litong fu for 你可以加我微信吗? Elvisjuly23
mr xuxe obiang 28.01.2019 19:15
@litong fu 你可以加我微信 elvisjuly23
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