Long March-11 launches five new Zhuhai-1 satellites

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Опубликовано: 19.09.2019
A Long March-11 launch vehicle launched five new Zhuhai-1 remote sensing satellites from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, China, on 19 September 2019, at 06:42 UTC (14:42 local time). Zhuhai-1 is a commercial remote sensing satellite constellation, planed to have 34 micro-nano satellites that will provide data service for areas including agriculture, land and water resources, environmental protection, and transportation. The newly launched satellites, developed by Zhuhai Orbita Aerospace Science & Technology Co, comprise four hyperspectral satellites with 256 wave-bands and a coverage width of 150 km, and a video satellite with a resolution of 90 centimeters. Credit: China Central Television (CCTV)/China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation ( CASC) 长征十一号 / 珠海一号
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SciNews 19.09.2019 10:02
CNSA - China National Space Administration https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpGTA7wMEDFjz0Zx93ifOsi92FwylSAS3 JAXA - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpGTA7wMEDFhFUn_POCuwrHTO0eHZy2gk ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpGTA7wMEDFjx1TW_uZabVMv7nrRsfoBL
rcasparb 20.09.2019 15:00
Please refer to SpaceX for how to make a proper satellite launch and deployment video.
SicIturAdAstra 25.09.2019 05:40
China has start launching satellites sooner than SpaceX...
save world 20.09.2019 04:11
Look good not us copy
yehoutube 20.09.2019 20:27
China invent Rocket, thousand years ago.
Ник Кольский 19.09.2019 14:49
эх Жухнем-1 :)
jjppkk 19.09.2019 14:22
How many ICBMs have China launched this year?
VPN-Router 19.09.2019 12:30
Dont Panic
Mark J 19.09.2019 12:24
Other than the camera man noticing a squirrel, this was an excellent launch!
Vincent ·H West 19.09.2019 11:05
Neven Mrakodolac 19.09.2019 10:56
Bad camerman work
Paulo Mastromano 19.09.2019 10:18
Avante China! Viva os Brics e a união entre os povos do mundo!
Kevin Maher 19.09.2019 12:17
Os BRICS nao tem nada en comun.
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