Gou x Everyone Take a Hint

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Опубликовано: 13.05.2017
My friend always asking me "When do you gonna upload your next video?" So this is for her. I uploaded this song to my phone a while ago and I don't know which pairing goes with it so I asked my sister and she said Momo x Gou. When I was searching for fanarts I saw some Gou x Makoto. So I thought why not? And here it is Gou x Everyone I don't own anything in this video. I just made it.
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Sefora Fratila 20.10.2019 04:44
Tohka 14.09.2019 14:03
Haru x Gou is Loveee!!! ❤❤❤
snotty dawn 22.08.2019 01:00
Gou x _everyone_ Me: *yes*
SapiLyfe 08.08.2019 07:33
I NEED *How to be Gou* TUTORIAL
ItzYoGirl Sarah 01.08.2019 07:11
She’s literally cute with everyone !!!! Except her brother ofc I’m not into that incest shit only weird people are lmao
Angie Holden 28.07.2019 11:19
Sousuke x gou
Olive UwU 13.07.2019 00:07
Nah Gay ships for the win (Haru x Rin) >:3333, P.S idk why people ship Haru and Gou like first of all they barley talk to each other and two there is literally no chemistry between them, if I had to choose Nagisa x Gou
Juliëtte van Oostrum 23.06.2019 10:29
This is perfect I fucking ship everybody with Gou first I shipped her with Makoto then Sousuke then Momo then Momos older brother 
Juliëtte van Oostrum 23.06.2019 10:29
Also with the other guys 
gacha scarlet playz 04.05.2019 08:26
Well i ship her with makoto But haru no no
viva 30.04.2019 15:45
i ship her with Sousuke :D
Nikitaニキータ 15.04.2019 02:15
I ship gou x makoto
Ser Khl 05.04.2019 01:20
I am ship gou and makoto 
Vaso Rnt 24.03.2019 11:03
Fuck i am a multishipper xD
Gel Panda 24.03.2019 10:29
1:15 why does this remind me of magi?
Pro Gamer 21.03.2019 18:38
Gou is good and cute... But they are gays...
HectorGaming Jazz 04.03.2019 13:36
Haru x Gou thats the popular ship in the free if theres no girl theres no main character
Sun 1003 17.02.2019 00:19
"x Everyone " , at least Rin isn't there lmao
Planet Venus 15.02.2019 16:48
Because they don't have muscles like Rin?
راتشيل Rachel 26.12.2018 14:57
fuck gou✌ rin×haru is the best
oof lol 25.12.2018 05:23
BUT I SHIP HARU AND GOU So haru could be straight for one time lololol
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