Kiki Bertens vs. Aryna Sabalenka | Zhuhai 2019 Finals | WTA Highlights

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Опубликовано: 27.10.2019
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Мария Булыга 29.10.2019 12:25
Моя любимая танкиста Соболенко вить я ис Беларуси
Oliver Martinez 29.10.2019 04:19
I absolutely love this tournament because of the faster courts. A lot of tournaments(including grandslams) now a days are played on slower courts which lead to longer matches, more injuries and inconsistency. Also I read an article somewhere about how in WTA more points come from unforced errors than winners few years ago. WTA should take initiatives as this is a serious concern.
dolly seguin 28.10.2019 22:39
Nicely done Aryna
Jhonatan 28.10.2019 16:18
Sabalenka no tuvo un buen año, pero no se le puede negar la fortaleza física y el buen tenis que tiene.
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez 28.10.2019 06:35
I feel bad for Kiki but feel good for Aryna as well.
Gruffer 28.10.2019 04:24
Aryna is going to breakthrough and win a slam very soon.
Glenn Phillips 28.10.2019 02:54
Would have taken alot of stopping if she had made the top 8
Diana Olguin 27.10.2019 22:00
Шамиль Садвакасов 27.10.2019 19:13
..агонизирующие удары Кики, говорящие лишь только о том, что результат был предрешен изначально.
fanofmany71 27.10.2019 17:13
I somewhat understand why they have this Tier 2 (the ladies who couldn't make it into the WTA finals) but it's just a money-making event. You don't go around saying, "Yay, I won the tournament for the second-best performing ladies of the year". But hey, it gets them money and points, and it gets the tournament money.
holyworrier 27.10.2019 16:53
Sabalenka and Ostapenko are my least favorite WTA players. They are arrogant in defeat. Spoiled children.
Milivoj Petrovic 27.10.2019 16:42
Bertens lost so many finals this year
Milivoj Petrovic 27.10.2019 16:41
Sabalenka queen of china tour
Freddy Calipari 27.10.2019 16:41
Sabalenka hits the ball like a man
Ray Arthey 27.10.2019 16:31
Great to see Tursunov back on her side... I think that they are a great team and if she's able to keep that form... 2020 could see her as a gram slam winner... hate her grunting but love her game.
Sebastian 27.10.2019 15:55
Hopefully she makes it to Shenzhen next year
giorgos makris 27.10.2019 14:52
Well done Aryusha! Hopefully, she will be in Shenzhen next year. She's too good for Zhuhai.
Paddy Irawan 27.10.2019 13:53
Sabalenka put a little make up on her face? wow... she's pretty btw!
damita z 27.10.2019 13:45
Aryna is gourgeos. I love her
JP Andaquig 27.10.2019 13:43
my goodness, if Aryna can bring that came up to any Grand Slam court, she'll be a major champion now. congrats to the Belarussian, she finally wins Zhuhai (she was a favorite last year)
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