Crazy Dongguan

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Опубликовано: 24.11.2018
Crazy experiences that happened in Dongguang, from expanding my confidence… to dealing with an uncomfortable chinese club situation. Arriving to Shenzhen. Music from Epidemic Sound: Follow me on the Internets… WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: REDBUBBLE STORE: PERSONAL FACEBOOK: PODCAST:!/id1044254053?mt=2 STRAVA: GARMIN: --------- JAYOE MERCHANDISE ON REDBUBBLE --------- --------- SUPPORT ME ON PATREON --------- ------- WHAT DOES JAYOE MEAN? --------- ------- OTHER SERIES ON THE JAYOE NATION ------- CLIMB UP MOUNT EVEREST Watch me on my Everest summit expedition! RIDE ACROSS KOREA Watch me ride across South Korea! MARATHON IN NORTH KOREA Join me as I run a marathon in North Korea, DPRK! RIDE ACROSS JAPAN Watch me cycle across Japan! RIDE ACROSS TAIWAN Watch me cycle across Japan! VLOGGER 1on1: Interview unique vloggers from around the world THE JAYOE TRAVELOGUES The precursor to my VLOGs, a cycling travel documentary series MATT’S REEF TANK A series dedicated to the marine reef tank hobby ------- SHOW NOTES, GEAR AND LINKS ------- DRONE - DJI Mavic Drone CAMERA - The Canon G7X mark II TRIPOD – DJI tripod SELFIE STICK – DJI extension pole THE RECUMBENT TRIKE – HP Velotechnik Scorpion 20fs TRAILER – AIDOO cycle trailer TRIKE OVERVIEW - See a video description of my trike JY_VLOG #662 A SEMI-DAILY CHINA VLOG #dongguan #china #chinavlogger #lifestylevlogger #vlogging #jayoe #Jayoenation #travelvlogger #travelvlog #lifestylevlogger #vlog #lifestylevlog
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Phu Nguyen 18.09.2019 17:50
Air b b daily rent room Just got ignore from low farmers have a job in town
林文斌 10.08.2019 08:35
What nice content, only 6k viewer?
Margaret Connery 15.07.2019 15:21
Your a great story teller & I'm enjoying your vlogs a lot going to all these cool places whilst sitting on my sofa Ja Yoe 
Mirza Danish 20.06.2019 09:22
Mashallah beautiful city before i work in Oman have visa of china whatsapp me +923055847510
YOLO 24.05.2019 21:08
1:54 my family's restaurant was on your left side, it is crazy
YOLO 25.05.2019 01:13
the JaYoe Nation yeah,the address is 中国, 广东省东莞市团结路, 三五八省道, 邮政编码: 523300
the JaYoe Nation 25.05.2019 01:09
Really!? Cool
Wot48 04.04.2019 22:07
People who work at the front desk often have no idea of what the address is for the next building since they don't live in the neighborhood.
Russell Solomon 11.02.2019 00:31
Wow. Crazy Dongguan story! I recently moved to Dongguan from Kazakhstan. I'm an American teaching in an international school. Moving from Atyrau, Kazakhstan to Dongguan, China was like moving from Alaska to New York City. Although there was a government "crack down" Dongguan still has a seedy feel to it. There are wild bars and night clubs still alive and well here. Most of them are run by British expats!
jy536551 24.01.2019 08:54
Your tour route map is great
liang zhen 12.01.2019 12:51
You went to the Sex capital City of china you didnt sleep with a girl? Shame on you. :)
Tunui Tahitian Faya 987 11.01.2019 13:22
was his name Mr. F****?
Steven Lai 09.01.2019 07:44
You break the traffic rule, ride on a red!
Web Luke 04.12.2018 06:52
Moral of the entire story, DON'T DO DRUGS OR CHINES HOOKERS. Crazy story though, it would make me awkward too, I have never done any kind of drugs, smoke anything, and avoid alcohol.
Daniel Fei 01.12.2018 01:01
It seems you have become careless about the the grey sky there all the times.
the JaYoe Nation 01.12.2018 01:03
nothing i can do about it... you have a solution?
diane hay 27.11.2018 07:03
Good on you Matt your folks would be very proud of you ...
Lincoln Grayson 27.11.2018 04:02
one of the best video and decision you have in your life, great job.
Alex Lopez 26.11.2018 12:57
Great video, Matt! I enjoyed seeing the scenery as you were talking and riding inside the city. This was one of those times when the surroundings were worthy of a good look, thanks!
Matt Hoover 26.11.2018 01:22
Loved the long form video!
Tim Elley 25.11.2018 20:33
Another great video - enjoyed the story & the views! I agree, your experience with the security guard is characteristic of China - I've get the distinct impression it's not that they don't know, it's that they don't want to engage. For a foreigner, it is always surprising. Of course there are always people that are very helpful, it's just that the prevalence of the attitude you described is much higher than you'd expect.
Reece Powell 24.11.2018 22:46
Cool story and ride perspective dude. Weird experience man haha! JaYoe!
bik2survive 24.11.2018 21:15
Pretty sure the white 4 door with tinted windows that filmed you was shadowing you through most of your video.