Snooker Stars Hit Red Carpet In Guangzhou

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Опубликовано: 22.09.2019
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barry shooter 23.09.2019 17:13
Someone likes fat cheating Scottish cunts
Guo Piao Chew 23.09.2019 11:08
Do people in the UK even know most of them, outside of ronnie, higgins, i wonder
z01t4n 23.09.2019 17:03
They should know Trump as well... :)
Tsvetan Vasilev 23.09.2019 11:15
Absolutely. Snooker has many followers where I live (Bulgaria) and most fans know each top 32 player by name
The Master 23.09.2019 10:55
Pointless without Ronnie 
Dick Pound 23.09.2019 02:14
Trump is a strange one, absolutely fascinating to watch, but has no personality.
Julie Finch 23.09.2019 14:37
@Dick Pound Yeah i know good ain't it
plasticbudgie 23.09.2019 14:13
I have to Agree he is fucking boring lol.
Dick Pound 23.09.2019 14:11
@Julie Finch Top grammar.
Julie Finch 23.09.2019 10:29
Maybe you got no personality at all
Ojus Rojus 23.09.2019 07:11
The irony of him having the surname ‘Trump’
Pompom Buuum 23.09.2019 00:08
Selby got fat.
Hadi parizad 22.09.2019 23:26
Snooker tournament without its legend.
Achhuana Hk the niggaman 22.09.2019 21:38
If Ronnie's missing its not great
Syntpop 22.09.2019 21:29
One missing..the One...Mr Snooker
Umar Malik 22.09.2019 21:20
Where is ronnie?
lorvik 22.09.2019 21:12
Game on! Well, soon enough. You know what I mean.
CueBald 22.09.2019 20:47
You don't get this reception anywhere else but China. They go mad for it!
S11001 1001 22.09.2019 20:04
Lol, someone in the crowd holding a John Higgins placard.
T 22.09.2019 18:15
Neil is as always the most astonishing looking one.
T 23.09.2019 11:15
@Tsvetan Vasilev naah
Tsvetan Vasilev 23.09.2019 11:13
I think Selby is even more fashion
iamjetli 22.09.2019 18:01
Future of snooker is in China
z01t4n 23.09.2019 17:02
@C Bing They aren't robots, at least not all of them. You can rarely see a player as passionate about the game as Liang Wenbo...
iamjetli 23.09.2019 07:42
@C Bing you are not right
MUHAMMAD NAVEED MEHAR 23.09.2019 07:33
@C Bing Also Agree with you.
C Bing 23.09.2019 07:29
MUHAMMAD NAVEED MEHAR Chinese snooker players are like robots with zero personality and would turn it into a Chinese game
MUHAMMAD NAVEED MEHAR 23.09.2019 07:10
@C Bing why dear?
Julie Finch 22.09.2019 17:30
Judd looking good come on Judd you can win after that disappointment in the Shanghai masters
Julie Finch 23.09.2019 07:13
@Dick Pound If you say so
Dick Pound 23.09.2019 02:17
Judd looking good lol?, Peter ebdons playing is more charasmatic than him. I must admit trumps game is something to behold.
Jh.E TB 22.09.2019 17:23
I love this crazily 10/10
John Rockhard 22.09.2019 17:03
All glamour until the tournament starts and there’s 4 in the audience
CueBald 22.09.2019 20:47
It's cos the ticket prices are ridiculous. All the fans are outside and the rich inside 
shallowlord 22.09.2019 17:00
For you that wonder.. Shanghai Master is the only tourney he played in China..
Mr Krinkle 22.09.2019 16:54
Why isnt this sport more popular in the U.S.?
jhaga bat 24.09.2019 13:15
it takes too much skill and finesse, eg you have to contend with nap on the cloth, potting distances are twice as long, smaller balls and pockets, more accuracy required, tables are too large, you can accommodate several pool tables in the space of a few snooker tables, games take too long.
mrb018538 24.09.2019 09:26
ekim2003 you won’t find snooker tables in any bars here either. All in dedicated halls or social clubs. I’m being genuine when I say it wouldn’t really work with the US audience/tv networks. You think they’d be happy with frames taking 45-60mins and no opportunity to show adverts!? I personally think it will just never catch on, 9 ball and pool is way too popular to convert the masses. Shame really, the sport is rapidly expanding away from the UK, it’d be great to have some US players. Corey Deuel has given Q school a couple of goes but not got anywhere.
ekim2003 24.09.2019 07:52
Unfortunately it is not televised nor promoted here in US. I have never seen a snooker game on US TV. Most bars here don't have the room for large 6 x 12 snooker tables. Don't be a predictable snob, it has nothing to do with the game being tougher or taking longer to play.
Michael Quine 23.09.2019 16:00
US prefers easy pool . China prefers a challenge and appreciates tactical skill .
mrb018538 23.09.2019 05:50
Erin B that shouldn’t matter - I live in a small city in the UK with 100,000 people living here. We have a snooker league with 3 divisions of 10 teams in each, no venue is allowed to be more than 30 miles from the centre of town. It works great. Problem is a LOT of snooker tables in the UK are in working men’s clubs, with 1-4 tables inside which exist across the country, even on very small villages. that network isn’t and will never be there in the USA. I’m not sure it will ever catch on. That said, 20 years ago it barely existed in China and now its one of their most popular national sports. You never know.
Charlie 22.09.2019 16:52
I thought Ronnie would be playing : /
MUHAMMAD NAVEED MEHAR 22.09.2019 16:55
No. He would be playing the home series.