World's first flying scooter floats over China's Dongguan

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Опубликовано: 19.08.2018
Chinese inventor Deli Zhao took to the skies above Dongguan aboard his latest creation - a flying scooter. After two years in the works and countless unmanned flights, Zhao finally managed to get airborne on the scooter, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Zhao said he dreamed of "[flying] into the sky riding a motorbike" as a child, which served as his inspiration and motivation for the project. The inventor tested the scooter more than 1500 times since he began the project in 2016. After its first successful manned flight, Zhao hopes he can bring the scooter into the world market. Watch Live: YouTube: Twitter: LiveLeak: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Dailymotion:
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Justwantahover 03.01.2019 00:42
Ehang was the first Chinese multicopter and also holds the world's first two up flight (on YouTube).
Justwantahover 03.01.2019 00:41
The Russian one was first. This is much like it.
Shekhar S 02.12.2018 18:17
First tested on Chinese then it will be tested on human s
Quasarnugz 28.08.2018 07:31
How many slaves did it take to build it's components making 3 cents a day?? Communist scum
Cjango Freeman 27.08.2018 22:17
This model is not made for export to countries where there are fat people. It is not for India either since you know what a shitter will do in an emergecy - sky raining shit. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a Hindu taking a shit in the sky.
mrcolumbiade 20.08.2018 07:11
WT COLLECTOR 20.08.2018 05:18
What kind if moron places dangerous spinning blades adjacent to the rider? This guy.
Brian Davies 20.08.2018 00:19
It’s a prototype and is no different to prototype jets they are stripped to the bare minimum for testing. If you are testing a prototype jet and it goes wrong you are totally screwed. I have no doubt this will be used in a military capacity and be fully armed. The Chinese are well ahead of the game and I would not be surprised if they have these already in military production, this one is just a toy to throw you off the real ones. Chinese are clever people they plan years ahead and don’t waste money on unnecessary wars, they are always looking forward.
whataboutism 19.08.2018 22:05
The Chinese are brilliant!
Vladgorod7 19.08.2018 19:42
Rise4justice 19.08.2018 19:15
That's not a flying scooter , that's a human meat grinder.
Larry Schwartz 19.08.2018 17:58
Love these, but 4 aluminum fan cages would really make sense to me.
Steve Smith 19.08.2018 17:47
When can I get one at Walmart?
Vim Hill 19.08.2018 17:11
awesome, all those whirling blades at waist level, what could go wrong
Fred Dietz 19.08.2018 17:03
4 lawn mower blades whirling at high speed next to all his limbs, and he’s 50 feet off the ground. Now all he needs is a dumpster full of upright steak knives for a landing strip.
CRAZY MAN 19.08.2018 16:49
That is incredibly risky. A sudden gust of wind and you lose balance then you cut yourself to shit.
Jason Long 19.08.2018 16:30
Human drone
Gabriel Teaca 19.08.2018 16:01
Wow!!! how about a flying Toilet Next?!
Geo Invest 19.08.2018 15:59
sharp meat slicer
jason morgan 19.08.2018 15:50
We did this 100,000 years ago with some keebler elves and a couple of Smurfs.
Mark Madlock 19.08.2018 16:53
hilarious. these must be their descendants
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