Guangzhou: The REAL home of Cantonese Food

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Опубликовано: 20.11.2017
If you’ve ever eaten Chinese food outside of China, chances are you had Cantonese cuisine. However, Canto food is much more than just chow mein and wonton soup, as Travelogue host Tianran discovers in Guangzhou, a 14 million strong megacity of foodies. ‘Guangzhou’ is the third episode of Travelogue’s 10-part series, ‘The Pearl River: Mouth to Source’. Travelogue is a 30-minute features programme on CGTN that takes viewers on unforgettable adventures across China. It airs on Sundays at 7:30am and 4:30pm BJT (00:30 & 09:30 GMT), with rebroadcasts on Mondays at 2:00am (Sunday 19:00 GMT) and Thursdays at 1:30pm (06:30 GMT). For more episodes of Travelogue, please visit: Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr: Weibo:
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Daniel Justado 10.11.2019 15:28
I wanna go to Guangzhou because of numerous eye-catching tourist attractions and world-famously-known foods especially Siopao was originally known in Cantonese as Siu Bao meaning Hot Bun! Love from PH!
Gold Shine 05.11.2019 05:45
Can u tell Which country create Wechat App?????????
wenwei su 27.10.2019 16:57
a documentary on gaungzhou BUT in english and mandarin NOT cantonese!
Afuk Com 26.10.2019 07:08
Afuk Com 26.10.2019 07:00
007 24.07.2019 19:41
I think China is too oppressive & suppressive. A very sad thing that Canton can no longer preserved it own culture & language.Seems like u can’t hear anyone speak Cantonese there. Death of the heritage on Dr Sun Yat Sen & disrespect of the 1st president. He should have gotten Canton independence from China of the north.Is funny & weird now, is just like if u go to Japan or Thailand, nobody speak Japanese or Thai instead just plain speaking northern dialect. Then what is the difference, is just another Northern region. Too sad, Canton is colonised. Under the Englishman colonialism, not at least the Englishman respect the local of their cultures & language. But not the CCCP.
Lucas 18.10.2019 08:47
lmao the reporter is talking to them in mandarin, off course they ll respond to him in mandarin... where is your common sense...
S. Young 18.10.2019 04:45
Your comments are full of flaws. A comment or two on the brink of idiocy. You don't really know China at all, do you?'!?
Daryl Wong Zung Wai 18.09.2019 04:42
You are wrong my brother. When I went to Guangzhou in February this year, majority of them still speak Cantonese. There are mandarin speakers though but Cantonese is still widely spoken.
O 23.06.2019 19:33
too much fluff, not enough food focus
memadman 26.05.2019 19:18
Not enough food pieces !! Change the title !!
undefined wewew 25.10.2019 16:05
Scott Zuke 03.04.2019 04:22
Very good, well done job!
bernard yem 28.03.2019 14:43
Title is hime of cantonese food, but more look like a cantoon tour
Ciu Sing Wong 24.02.2019 07:47
As a Cantonese who is now studying overseas and watch this video, tears comes down. BTW, all the BGM are from Dongshanshaoye(东山少爷)
q q 14.01.2019 03:34
I love Cantonese food
Joseph Leow 28.12.2018 15:40
What is the address of that brass shop?
Nur Celina 15.11.2018 07:14
can anyone tell me the name of that wanton noodle restaurant?
Rob x 14.07.2019 00:48
宝华面店 Bao Hua Mian Dian - 117 Baohua Rd, Liwan Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China
Hang Hang 14.11.2018 03:53
Guangzhou is my ancestors hometown. Cantonese is a lovely language, has variety delicious healthy food, are smart and hardworking people. Dr Sun Yat-Sen was Cantonese. Most famous lovely Tang poems were written in Cantonese. Cantonese were the group of people suffered the most from opium wars due to its open ports where many western traders arrived and stayed. Cantonese is where wing-chun martial art started, many famous people and movies. Ip Man and Bruce Lee.
CrimsonEclipse 12.04.2019 19:51
woodensurfer putonghua (Mandarin) was created during the Yuan Dynasty after the Mongolian took over. Literally old Mandarin was invented like on 1269 by the Mongolian empire base on records that isn’t even modern day Putonghua(Mandarin). Cantonese language on the other hand is way older and over 2000 years old. Even research shows Cantonese is closer to early and Middle Chinese court language than Putonghua(Mandarin).
woodensurfer 10.01.2019 11:04
"Most famous lovely Tang poems were written in Cantonese." I doubt very much. Poems then were not written based on Putonghua today, but likely not Cantonese.
shermich90 01.10.2018 00:46
What are the details for the opera show
Fyfhfr 1088 10.09.2018 08:55
The background music he uses is a song about the beauty of MALAYSIA (芳艳芬:槟城艳 --- 1953 )
Jimmy 02.09.2018 13:57
The intended audience of CGTN is obviously not the mainland Mandarin speaking Chinese, why have the native Cantonese people in the video speak Mandarin? When I watch videos of native Montreal or Quebec natives, I expect them to converse in French even though they are able to speak English. This video is misleading to non-Chinese viewers who will get the impression that Cantonese people natively speak Mandarin. To the Cantonese people, the Cantonese language is inseparable, just like their food/cuisine. The title of the video has Cantonese in it, and not Mandarin.
CrimsonEclipse 02.11.2019 02:58
Because mandarin is the official standardized language in all of China and its mainly taught in public school system over local language. Also mass migrations of outsiders moved in to Guangzhou over the years because Guangzhou is the manufacturing capital of China and has a lots of wealth and opportunities. In the past outsiders has to learn Cantonese to get into the market but the due to mass nationalism/integration and government support less and less people are speaking local dialects. Less people understand 20 years old actually speak proper Cantonese. Sad but true.
S. Young 04.05.2019 12:26
It's the national language of the country, OK? Locals adapt to survive and so on and so on. Our language isn't going anywhere, so please....
woodensurfer 10.01.2019 11:06
Guangzhou is a metropolis so even a native Cantonese speaker may start a conversation with a stranger with Putonghua.
FAHOKA Xê Dịch 17.07.2018 04:15
i love CGTN
boon teck yeo 19.06.2018 18:12
To the person who wrote the blurb for this video, Cantonese is not the same as Guangzhou. I hope you can speak to somebody more knowledgeable about the traditional culture, provided they have not all been massacred by the government.
007 18.09.2019 09:56
S. Young, I support your findings & knowledge on this. I am a third generation Cantonese Singaporean. I was taught mandarin as a 2nd language here during my time in the 70s, 80s till now.But my Mother tongue is stiil English & Cantonese to be exact. Quite fluent in Hokkien & mandarin also & primary level for Bahasa Melayu & Japanese coz I did study in a Japanese technical school.For history subject during primary & secondary school, if I remember I had always asked the history teachers what language was actually spoken when we were taught in Qin era,Han,Sui,Tang,Yuan,Ming except Ching dynasty that the southerners was invaded by the Manchurian. But the teacher don’t seems to know & telling me that I am stupid to ask such question.That was the era that Spore education system was a closed system. However out of curiosity, the furtherest I can find out about Cantonese root(80% true) is from the kingdom of Yue 2500yrs or 500bc where we derived from Wuyue,Nanyue & Minyue these 3 group. To be firm & exact is in the era of Qin dynasty, the Yue or Cantonese presently name was actually occupied in the area of Canton to north Vietnam.Much earlier derivation was from Zhejiang whereby the later split into 3 tribe...the Wu Shanghaiese occupied Shanghai,the minyue Hokkien occupied Fujian, the Nanyue Cantonese occupied from Canton to north Vietnam.Till today only Vietnam retained the authenticity province which is under ancient Canton that is supposed to be Namyuet 國 instead of Yuetnam 國, this was due to Ho Chi Ming the president of Vietnam. 趙佗 was the left hand great famous general under the Qin emperor 220bc & after the death of emperor Qin, general 趙佗 broke up & got independent & became the emperor of Lingnam or the kingdom of Nanyue. If history depict of our ancestry beginnings then we Cantonese is not Han actually 越 or 粵人. Till today 趙佗 was worship in North Vietnam in temple but not in Canton.Tracing to the nearest era history of civilisation my dad told us we are Tang people 唐人...including Cantonese,Hokkien, Hakka that’s why many Japanese kanji do sound similar with these 3 dialect group becoz Japan borrowed 50,000 chars during the Tang Dynasty exchange scholar program. Vietnam language was also a possible influence to Japanese kanji coz is ancient old province belong to Nanyue.But 1 thing is the Teochew come from where? Teochew supposingly under Canton territory also but this I don’t know,I’m interested to find out also in history diaspora. I think I have to cut out here coz is a Long searching of the ancestry root. We talk some other times. Do keep our Cantonese culture & language alive though the CCCP is suppressing the southerner. Talk some other time.
S. Young 04.05.2019 13:23
woodensurfer As a fellow person with Guangdong roots, us Guangdongese are a very proud people. We have a strong identity not only among other provincial Chinese but internationally as well. Many great pioneers from last century hailed from Guangdong Provonce, including the great Dr. Sun Yat Sen, a proud Guangdongese. I feel sorry for you and your offspring as you actively encourage them to lose their identities, your own brand of cultural revolution per say, so you want to exterminate all other Chinese languages and just only have Mandarin, a tongue that is neither native to southerners, not a ancient Han tongue and heavily influenced by what we referred to historically as barbarians during its short 500-600 years of use. You are not proud of your own southern lingnam culture, native mother tongue, you don't believe in diversity as well. Even the CCP Government actively promotes the ethnic minorities and does not discourage them from practicing their own culture in everyday life. They still use their mother tongues besides Mandarin side by side when needed. Us Han peoples are not like the Koreans and Japanese, homogeneous in almost every way for the most part. Like northerners versus southerners, there is great variety among the Han. If you were a red guard during the cultural revolution revolution days, I can imagine all the traditional culture you would have destroyed with that mindset of yours.
S. Young 04.05.2019 12:52
boon teck yeo Read and be educated, OK?......Guangzhou is the provincial capital of Guangdong Province, Easily looked up online like how you viewed this YT video. Basically Canton/Cantonese refers to the people/culture of the Pearl River Delta Region. The language itself is the traditional common lingua franca of the region and beyond that way all can communicate unless speaking Mandarin, the national language of the nation. Other regions of Guangdong Province might commonly speak something else like Hakka, Teochow, etc. Otherwise there are numerious regional/village dialects spoken as well. In SARs Hong Kong and Macao, they call the language Guangdong Hua, as if the the language was the provincial language even though it's technically Guangzhou Hua, aka language of Canton (Portuguese word in origin) aka Guangzhou.
S. Young 04.05.2019 12:30
Eric, The Cult & Narcissist Slayer What the hell are you talking about?! Taishanese are not an ethnic group. Taishan refers to the district from which they originate from. These people are all Han.
woodensurfer 10.01.2019 11:16
Cantonese is another name for Guangzhou hua. There are many dialects even within Guangdong, but generally Guangdong hua is regarded as Guangzhou hua unless one wants to be particular. Cantonese is a dialect. The government has not deliberately rid China of dialects, but dialects are a burden to a civilization and in some places should and will be eliminated. I, a native Cantonese speaker, will not regret the demise of the Cantonese dialect, if or where it come. I do not have a strong sense of local culture but a nationalist at heart. Putonghua alone will be enough for culture for China. Any losses will be less costly than the time that the generations to come have to spend on learning two or more forms of a spoken language. I want my offspring to be less burdened with dialects and they will need to communicate nationwide.