How To Install And Run Linux Part 2: Pop OS 19.10 - A Beginner Friendly Linux Distribution

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Опубликовано: 18.11.2019
How To Install And Run Linux Part 2: Pop OS 19.10 - A Beginner Friendly Linux Distribution In the second episode of this series we will be focusing on installing and using Pop OS 19.10, the operating system from System76 that is based on the regular releases of Ubuntu. Pop OS is designed to be used out of the box with very little tweaking required in comparison to Ubuntu, in fact the Pop OS team include several quality of life tweaks for a better user experience. This tutorial will focus on booting and installing the distribution, updating the system, a brief tour of the desktop environment, using the pre-installed applications and installing new applications. If you have used Windows for majority of your life it may seem that switching to Linux is a daunting task, however the greatest advantage of using Linux is that you have some much choice in regards to the desktop environment, the package manager, the window manager, the pre-installed software and generally how the operating system as a whole works. Although undoubtedly this is a good thing, it also leads to the biggest problem with Linux, especially when it comes to potential new users, as having too much choice can put them off. This can be expected if they are used to the Microsoft’s limited versions of their operating systems. For example, Windows 10 typically has the options of Home, Professional and Enterprise aimed at different customer groups, whereas in comparison Linux could have hundreds of variants of the same base Linux distribution. This series will aim to allow potential new users of Linux to approach Linux with an open mind, as these videos will focus on covering, in my opinion, the six most popular Linux distributions based on their user friendliness, community support and most importantly commercial backing. The distributions that will be covered in this series are Ubuntu, Pop OS, Fedora, Manjaro, openSuse and Linux Mint, in no particular order. #linuxtutorials #linuxgaming #walkthroughs #intelligentgaming #lutris #wine #gamemode #ubuntu #linux #dxvk #proton #steam #gameplay
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Richmond Robinson 19.11.2019 07:35
Hey, have you tried using Proton with Lutris? I had some really bad frame drops with Outerworlds using the default wine version but changing it to Proton 4.11 made it play almost perfectly.
Richmond Robinson 19.11.2019 08:05
@Intelligent Gaming I highly recommend giving it a try. It's available in the dropdown list for wine versions in system options. The only caveat is it creates a "steamuser" folder in the wine prefix and you have to copy your save game directory to it.
Intelligent Gaming 19.11.2019 07:37
I've not used Proton with Lutris yet, so can't really comment.
Richmond Robinson 19.11.2019 03:23
Ready for your install guide of the most user/noobie friendly distro around....Arch lol
Richmond Robinson 19.11.2019 08:11
@Intelligent Gaming lol yes sir it does........ For now
Intelligent Gaming 19.11.2019 07:36
Does Manjaro count? :)
Intelligent Gaming 18.11.2019 23:24
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