Go ta hell...... Go ta hell

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Опубликовано: 21.10.2017
Please watch: "An awkward conversation" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBDDhpZozLM --~-- Bob helps Zeke realise his potential and Zeke rejects it
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Conn Toons 01.08.2019 06:50
Why do I fuckin love Zeke?? 
Conn Toons 01.08.2019 06:49
“Paprika! Eureka! Get your ass in here, girl.”
Crybaby Bree 22.07.2019 21:28
*guess I'll Zeke it up*
Spooky Candied Apples 16.05.2019 01:31
I love this
Nevan Slone 07.04.2019 21:49
Love how they zoom out when they’re having an emotional breakdown and the class is just watching it go down.
Arexis Renoldi 20.10.2019 21:49
More like an emotional breakTHROUGH! Zeke is hilarious
Lily Smalls 08.04.2019 20:38
I was thinking the same thing! Perfection!
Leily Farah 04.03.2019 20:14
Every scene with Zeke is perfection.
Michael Meehan 01.10.2019 07:20
Having watched every scene with Zeke, I will agree.
Mitchell Movie Productions 24.05.2019 22:02
Zeke= Thor!
Dani Ge 03.02.2019 12:32
Go ta helllll!!! Go taa heeellllllll! 
Just Curiel 15.01.2019 06:25
*go* *to* *hell* *zeek*
Charly909IE 18.12.2018 01:59
"Lets see what we got
Krista Thomas Gordon 11.11.2018 17:15
PAPRIKA! EURIKA! Get ur azz in here girlthe greatest line
Potty The Parrot 08.07.2018 20:43
Go to hell Zeke. lol.
Techno -analagies 12.07.2018 08:28
Thanks for the support, really appreciated
Harry Rollis 12.07.2018 02:14
Go To Hell Jalen
Potty The Parrot 08.07.2018 21:34
Techno -analagies Well the video wasn’t perfect. The quality wasn’t better.
Techno -analagies 08.07.2018 21:27
thanks for your support
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