OSRAM 4300K OEM D1S vs. OSRAM 5500K CBI (Cool Blue Intense) D1S Bulbs by using Valeo D1 Projector.

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Опубликовано: 20.10.2016
This video is to show a comparison between OSRAM 4300K OEM D1S HID bulb vs. OSRAM 5500K CBI (Cool Blue Intense) D1S HID bulbs. We used Valeo US-spec D1S projector for the video. Please note that actual color in person may differ from how it shows on video. Use it as reference guide and comparison purposes. Link to OSRAM 5500K CBI D1S Bulbs: http://www.hidconcept.com/d1s-osram-xenarc-cool-blue-intense-66144cbi-hid-bulbs/
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Siscu Fernandez 17.11.2018 15:59
Yo hice ese cambio hace años y no veas qué diferencia. Más de 5500 ya es demasiado azulado. 5500 está muy bien para mi gusto
Yudo NeidaNo 21.10.2017 04:45
they look the same. buy the one that costs less.
Emre Kara 29.06.2017 12:03
CBI is better, I am very satisfied ;)
hidconceptcom 11.07.2017 19:39
Good to hear that!
Royce Saunders 02.04.2017 20:44
Will these work in a BMW e90
ibrahim kozan 13.02.2017 19:48
4300 better, I use it with my citroen c5
johnnycage 06.02.2017 02:52
well then, CBI it is! :D
Joe Ripoll 26.11.2016 19:47
Nicely done, Very Helpful.Thanks!!!