DRAMATIC Ending As Andreas Seppi Saves FIVE Match Points To Beat Zhang! | Zhuhai Championships 2019

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Опубликовано: 26.09.2019
A quite brilliant clutch comeback from the experienced Italian! Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament: http://tnn.is/YouTube Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/tennistv?sub_confirmation=1 Tennis TV is the OFFICIAL live streaming service of the ATP Tour. Tennis TV features live streaming and video on demand of over 2,000 ATP tennis matches in full each year on PC, Mac, mobile & tablet apps on iOS & Android plus... Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Android TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Chromecast. http://tnn.is/YouTube
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alloneword154 30.09.2019 19:21
John Webb 29.09.2019 20:16
Tennis can be very cruel sometimes at all levels..
Gt 86 29.09.2019 12:41
Zhangs career is over
Het Shah 29.09.2019 01:57
It looks like the federer 40-15 virus is getting to everyone
Andy Woo 28.09.2019 19:33
unlucky day for Zhang
Corrado_Di_Hokuto 28.09.2019 16:52
Grande Seppio!!!
Prashanth M 28.09.2019 09:46
The feeling of losing 4 match points is.. unbearable pain atleast fr few weeks..
music 2019 30.09.2019 13:24
today is healed already :) beat Edmund
Joseph Bar Paulo Moises 28.09.2019 07:44
His shirt should have been red or gold to close out that match. Red and gold are lucky colors!
David Heywood 28.09.2019 07:42
That was actually insane haha
Esta Subtitulado 27.09.2019 17:17
Choke of chokes
miggy_oohbee 27.09.2019 14:05
Experience won on this one
BeatTheBieber 27.09.2019 11:27
Whats up with Andreas? I never played and watched him again but when he played against Fabbiano the Game was so Bad like a joke or was that a fixed match? Now he is just slow but i cant say he plays bad
Donatus Edi 27.09.2019 10:15
What a comeback! Has to be one of the best in Tennis history!
Akbar Khan 27.09.2019 08:51
This is why tennis is so interesting.
Keith Lauder Jr 27.09.2019 08:25
Seppi no slouch. ❤
df 27.09.2019 05:04
Way to spoil the DRAMATIC result in the title!
Steve Just Saying 27.09.2019 04:20
The match point shot at 1:49 showed the youngster's lack of court experience. Hopefully he will improve through more experience. Congrats to Seppi not giving up at 6-2 final tie-breaker.
Andrew Lloyd 27.09.2019 03:18
After watching this,i think Federer was better
Ricardo Inostroza Hernández 27.09.2019 00:16
Nice come back
Alex Cara 26.09.2019 22:41
Biggest choke of all time from a nobody. Lmao