LG 32GK850F Review

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Опубликовано: 29.07.2018
Amazon link: http://geni.us/LENyE Support us: https://pcmonitors.info/support-us/ Review: https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/lg-32gk850f/ Donate (PayPal): https://bit.ly/2MEJBhH As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made using the "Amazon link" above. A review of the LG 32GK850F. Refer to the written piece for further analysis and information on supporting our work. Features & Aesthetics= 2:30 Contrast= 8:49 Colour reproduction= 12:18 HDR (High Dynamic Range)= 20:24 Responsiveness= 27:05
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Ed. B. 23.11.2019 10:20
Finally the information I needed... If you switch to 4K we might see more due to less artifacts.
PC Monitors 23.11.2019 11:06
Our newer videos are recorded at '4K' with a new camera, although it still gives a poor idea of how the monitor really looks in person. It does indeed make some of the weakensses a bit clearer, however. :)
akuskus 30.10.2019 12:30
The more monitor reviews I watch, the more decision fatigued I get. The solution is to either buy a random one or just continue with my old monitor from 2012.
akuskus 30.10.2019 13:55
@PC Monitors Yep, that is true. So many variables to factor in. I just have trimmed down my shortlist to two monitors: that same monitor you are reviewing or LG 27GL850, although in the end the actual one could be something else altogether. Great in-depth video, by the way!
PC Monitors 30.10.2019 12:59
Alas, no monitor is perfect. And they're very subjective, so people will offer different opinions on the same model. You need to be clear on what you want from a monitor, which compromises you can accept and weigh them up against the performance of the monitor you're considering. Whenever negatives are highlighted, you need to bear in mind that they may not be noticeable/bothersome to you.
fratiee 24.10.2019 16:40
Hi, now I have Samsung LC32HG70QQUXEN monitor, but I want to buy LG 32GK850F-B. What do you think ? thanks.
PC Monitors 24.10.2019 17:51
Depends what your reasons for wanting to switch are. If you're looking for largely similar image quality but a larger size (and somewhat lower pixel density), then yes this would be a decent option.
Sophia Perennis 25.09.2019 20:36
One question, you said the Gsync version of this monitor has less perceived blur, but you also mentioned that running the Freesync version with an AMD card could produce better results. Any way to confirm this? It's not just the monitor itself Nvidia cards are just too expensive in my country compared to their AMD counterparts, so i'd be saving quite a lot going with the Freesync version but it bugs me that the Gsync counterpart seems to be superior in the very things that make VA panels annoying.
PC Monitors 25.09.2019 21:04
To be clear, the 32GK850F performs as described in the review with an AMD GPU. On Nvidia GPUs the pixel responses are a bit slower overall. But the 32GK850G is a fair bit faster overall. especially with G-SYNC enabled in the graphics driver. I'd recommend referencing the pursuit photos in both written reviews, they make the differences quite clear.
kennyhucj 24.09.2019 08:50
Hi, thank you for your generous work on this. You’re such professional .Well I have a question that ——how 850G compare with BENQ ex3203r ?
kennyhucj 27.10.2019 18:01
Finally got Samsung C32HG70 .Balance choise I think.
PC Monitors 24.09.2019 13:50
The EX3203R (according to user feedback) has weaker pixel responsiveness than the 32GK850G but is similar in that respect to the 32GK850F which is what this video is about. Input lag is apparently a bit higher. Image quality is fairly similar to the LG 32GK850F (wider gamut and more vibrant-looking than 32GK850G) but perhaps there's a bit more 'VA glow' in general.
gloriouspopeman tom 21.09.2019 16:14
Thanks, great help, just got mine yesterday, its a beast (VS a 6-7yo TN). My GOD is is it bright, calibrated it to 120cd/m, for use in dark room, brightness is at 27/100. Here is my experience so far. Blacks look overly dark, although its probably me being used to old TNs. Super fluid motion with FreeSync on a gtx1080. Multimonitor problems, occasional flicker, 3 different displays connected at same time , maybe once every 10-30min, not enough to be a deal breaker. First day all the screens went a single colour with a line thru it quite often, seems to have passed. All in all, great screen, love the size too, perfect at an arms lenght, really immersive. Tried 3 IPS monitors before this, all of them had glow and bleed somewhere. If you can get it at a good price, go for it.
Neural Network 22.08.2019 06:47
Just wanted to thank you for a thorough review, without resorting to "speed reading" or paraphrasing press releases. Liked and subscribed to support you, even if I'm unlikely to purchase monitors frequently. What would you consider the near competitors to be in this range (31-34", 1440p, 144hz)?
PC Monitors 22.08.2019 07:20
Thanks for the kind words. It depends what you're looking for really, your requirements and your budget. I'd advise spending some time looking through our forum and recommendations section for some inspiration. 31-34", 1440p and 144Hz is very broad. There are quite a few 31.5" VA models, but the only ones that really stands out above this (in my opinion) are the G-SYNC alternatives. Because they are a lot more responsive, but only as an Nvidia user with G-SYNC active. And you forgo the wide colour gamut. For 34" UltraWides there's quite a range of options, although not so many with the 144Hz requirement and they're significantly more expensive than this. The LG 34GK950F being a good example.
The Holy Pope Chode II 15.08.2019 07:41
Hello. I am choosing between this monitor and the LG 32GK650F (which looks the same as the 850G from what I have heard. I like saturated colours, and I am wondering if the colours on the 850f are that much better than the 650f. Would it br possible to somehow increase the saturation on the 650f/850g to look similar to the 850f? Also, are there any 1440p monitors with better overall image quality than this one (in your opinion)?
PC Monitors 16.08.2019 12:07
It is actually, yes. The higher pixel density and screen size differences would be the the main thing users would notice between the two. The overall contrast and colour reproduction is quite similar (and actually, the AOC has a better HDR implementation).
The Holy Pope Chode II 16.08.2019 07:32
@PC Monitors Thank you so much. It's really nice that you are so helpful. I have one last question though. Is the image quality on the AOC AG273QCX very close to this monitor? The 850f is more expensive where I live, so it would be nice to get something that has a very similar image quality for a lower price.
PC Monitors 15.08.2019 10:47
For vibrant colour output and strong contrast yes. Or for consistent and saturated colours but weaker contrast, something like the Gigabyte AD27QD (https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/gigabyte-aorus-ad27qd/ ) or LG 27GL850 (https://pcmonitors.info/lg/lg-27gl850-144hz-wqhd-nano-ips-model-with-adaptive-sync/ ).
The Holy Pope Chode II 15.08.2019 10:36
@PC Monitors Ah ok. What about 1440p 144hz monitors in general though (like 27 or 24inch ones)? Would the 850f still be the best looking one?
PC Monitors 15.08.2019 09:07
That's correct. The 32GK650F uses a standard WLED backlight with only a little extension beyond sRGB. The same sort of backlight used on the 32GK850G (and 32GK650G). The 32GK850F, on the other hand, uses an enhanced phosphor WLED backlight solution to boost the colour gamut. If you like saturated colours, you will prefer the 32GK850F without question and this is the one you should go for. You can't replicate this without expanding the colour gamut itself, as covered in the review. For overall colour representation with vibrant but varied colours in mind, there's really no beating the 32GK850F in the 31.5" 144Hz WQHD space at the moment. :)
Bag full of crabs 26.07.2019 01:15
Just wanted to share some thoughts after I've used it for a couple of months. Freesync 2 works well overall. There can be minor, barely noticeable flickering on some parts of the screen in certain situations (usually when the game loads and fps jumps all over the place), but LG warns about it in their manual for both 850f and 650f, so it's expected. (afaik G-sync flickers, too) What I didn't like about 850f was the wide gamut. What sounded so cool in theory turned out to be a major pain in the ass. No harm in extra colors, the more the merrier, right? Little did I know, Windows can't properly display that which exceeds sRGB. Fun fact: 99% of the content on the internets is in sRGB, and your OS doesn't know that, it just displays the actual colors your monitor is able to display. (e.g 125% sRGB red instead of the 100% sRGB red). That makes a lot of colors too saturated to the point you can't ignore it, even after calibration. Especially the reds which make people in, say, YouTube videos piggy pinkish instead of their natural human skin color. Color-managed apps like Adobe's stuff will work as intended, but video games and YouTube, two major pillars of entertainment, will be off colors-wise. There's an HDR switch in Win10 that is supposed to turn on wide gamut support, but it does it along with HDR mode which is barely useable on this particular model, as you've probably read in the PC Monitors' article. Of course, there's still a workaround called sRGB emulation mode, but it can't be properly calibrated since it has its color channels (and the highest overdrive option) locked, and moreover we're still talking about ~110-115% sRGB, not 100%. And it makes you feel a bit supid because you've bought a wide gamut panel just to use it in sRGB emulation mode. Alas, that's how I use it for the most part. One day they'll teach Windows to display everything right, but as of now I just can't recommend 850f over 650f/850g which are both standard gamut or close to it. I still think it's a nice monitor, but the wide gamut option is definitely a bit ahead of time. If I could change my decision, I'd have taken 650f instead. It has 99% sRGB, no HDR400 gimmick, same everything else, LFC even with the first gen Freesync and it costs ~$130 less where I live. (Moscow, Russia) So there's that.
PC Monitors 26.07.2019 14:27
Agreed, seeing for yourself is always important. Everybody's eyes and preferences are different.
Bag full of crabs 26.07.2019 13:08
@PC Monitors Yes, of course I've read your impressions on wide gamut colors, and you even summed it up for me here in the comment section, so I'm thankful for that, but those were impressions, I still had to see for myself. To be fair, there are some games that look good in wide gamut (for example, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, AC Odyssey), but for the most part it does make games look a bit too cartoonish for my taste, especially more 'serious' or atmospheric games like survival horrors. At that time I knew almost nothing about color management and that things like video players, YouTube and games are not color managed. (Media Player Classic, thankfully, is). Also I didn't know that 650f had been a viable option all along (and still is). Somehow 850f is usually compared to 850g in reviews, and 650f is being left out. Anyway, I kept the 850f and don't regret much because I had a chance to educate myself about all that color management stuff and because it's still a good monitor nonetheless with 0 dead pixels and a negligible amount of backlight bleed. I was actually bound to step on the wide gamut mine anyway because all the other monitors I was choosing from (new Acer models, Aorus, LG 27gl850, Samsung cfg70) were wide gamut, too, so it's ok. The more popular wide gamut monitors are being released the faster Microsoft implements proper color management for Windows, I guess.
PC Monitors 26.07.2019 06:53
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's a shame you found the oversaturation annoying. When you say "you didn't know" about the extra saturation, that's actually covered in detail in this review so you should've been aware of it from that. Some users really like that look, others don't. It's definitely a key point to consider with this one and you did the right thing by switching to a model with less extension beyond sRGB, if you prefer the more natural look.
Roman Karnayhov 26.06.2019 18:37
LG 32GK850 vs Samsung C32HG70QQI could you compare?) Which is better?
Roman Karnayhov 27.06.2019 09:12
@PC Monitors thank you very much for your help
PC Monitors 27.06.2019 06:29
Then you should consider the 32GK650G (or 32GK850G) as per the recommendations section - https://pcmonitors.info/recommendations/. As covered in the review, much better pixel responsiveness on the G-SYNC model than this or in fact any other 32" VA model.
Roman Karnayhov 26.06.2019 20:17
@PC Monitors I have nVidia 1080ti I would like the best screen (picture quality) for this money (~600$). With 144Hz + UHD + Screen size 32
PC Monitors 26.06.2019 19:58
It depends what you value really. This one is a decent choice for the money, if you have an AMD GPU and want a nice immersive screen.
Roman Karnayhov 26.06.2019 19:43
@PC Monitors Wow Thank you very much for your reply. Your channel impresses with the depth of learning monitors. I look at you with interest. Is today the best gaming monitor for this money?
John Ngo 13.06.2019 01:38
Hi, I personal prefer the HDR profile setting on this monitor minus the sharpness. Do you have a custom setting that looks just like the HdR profile but with sharpness turned way down?
John Ngo 13.06.2019 13:36
@PC Monitors well, thanks anyways. Cheers!
PC Monitors 13.06.2019 09:55
Ah right. I'm not aware of any way of doing that then I'm afraid.
John Ngo 13.06.2019 09:07
@PC Monitors Oh sorry. I was referring to the Game Mode "HDR Effect". It is in the same option menu as Gamer 1, Gamer 2 and etc. Basically I would like to set my Gamer 1 to look just like the HDR Effect mode but with Sharpness turned down. I suspect that the HDR Effect has Sharpness turned to max but I could not verify since the option is grayed out. Thank you.
PC Monitors 13.06.2019 07:33
No. HDR leverages specific capabilities that aren't available under SDR, you can't simply replicate it with a custom profile.
spatnaspolecnost 28.05.2019 20:14
I'm confused, I understand that this is mostly for gaming but the panel uniformity in your article seems much better than with Dell U2719D that you recommend for editing/gaming, also both have around 100% sRGB. Which one is better for video editing? I plan to get two monitors in the future, one for editing and one for gaming, but I can buy only one now and if they have the same color accuracy I'd get the LG for 140 Hz, but my main concern right now is grading and color critical work. The panel uniformity of U2719D makes me a bit concerned. Great reviews btw!
PC Monitors 06.09.2019 16:46
No. Colorimeters and calibration with ICC profiles do not significantly change or effectively "cut down" the colour gamut. That's why you need to rely on an sRGB emulation mode which is usually on the monitor itself. That's not an option on the LG, per the review - "The gamut is similar in the ‘sRGB’ preset – there is no ‘sRGB emulation mode’ on this monitor."
MCPhilosoraptor 05.09.2019 03:58
@PC Monitors I mean, if you calibrate it, that clamps it at 100% sRGB right?
spatnaspolecnost 29.05.2019 07:26
Ok thanks man, I'll get the Dell then :)
PC Monitors 28.05.2019 20:32
As covered in the review(s), uniformity varies between individual units. Furthermore, there are perceived shifts in gamma and colour representation on the LG (VA panel) that don't exist on the Dell (IPS-type). The colour gamut of the LG also extends massively beyond sRGB - this is clear from the gamut representation in the review. As noted, that increases saturation and gives more vibrant output of sRGB content at the expense of accuracy. There's really no contest for colour accuracy - and that has little to do with the uniformity of the backlight on one individual unit. So don't get bogged down by that aspect, it's not really terribly important which is why a big thing wasn't made about it in the review. :)
Big Boss 08.05.2019 21:21
Should I get this or the 32GK850G? I have a Gtx 1080.
PC Monitors 09.05.2019 11:31
There have been no firmware fixes that have significantly improved the pixel responsiveness of the FreeSync model. https://forum.pcmonitors.info/topic/1440p-high-refresh-rate-monitor-tn-vs-ips-vs-va/page/4/#post-53905
Big Boss 09.05.2019 10:26
@PC Monitors I read on reddit that the response time got fixed in a firmware update. Also the nvidia cards now support Freesync 2.... Does this relevant, what do you think?
PC Monitors 09.05.2019 09:50
Specified response time are utterly meaningless, although both models actually have 5ms grey to grey specified. Why not spend some time reading or watching the review rather than chasing meaningless figures? Very clear comparisons and explanations are provided, so please make use of these resources - then you'll have a proper understanding of the differences in pixel responsiveness between the models.
Big Boss 09.05.2019 09:14
@PC Monitors Significantly better? Isn't it 4ms vs 5ms? Does thaz really mater?
PC Monitors 09.05.2019 06:11
They're compared in the review (more so in the written review). The 32GK850G has significantly better pixel responsiveness. Colours on this are more vibrant (vs. 'rich and natural' i.e. more accurate on the 'G' model) due to the colour gamut. Take your pick of which is more important to you.
Keskia93 03.05.2019 01:37
Thanks for your nice review ! I'm looking for a 32" 1440p 144hz freesync monitor (I have a vega 64) and I can't choose between LG 32GK850F & Samsung C32HG70...or wait to see if newer/better monitors will be released during this year. Motion blur reduction seems to work well on Samsung, do you know if LG fixed this issue since your review ? Thanks !
Keskia93 03.05.2019 12:15
@PC Monitors Thanks for your advice ! I will check if I can find the Samsung at low price, otherwise I will wait a bit :)
PC Monitors 03.05.2019 06:32
Waiting is always an option... As for the Samsung, if you can tolerate the flickering backlight (it is not flicker-free - it uses PWM) or you're actually just wanting to use the blur reduction feature frequently anyway (which by its nature flickers) then I feel the Samsung offers the more complete experience. Much better HDR and somewhat better pixel responsiveness.
J N 28.04.2019 18:50
Thank you for a fantastic review. As im on my way back to pc gaming and just bought a RTX 2070, I have been looking around like crazy for a good monitor. I used a 27 TN 144hz g-sync (Acer) before. But would like to get a 32 inch. The g-sync version of this seems like the absolut best one can get, as im used to fast TN panel I surely would be off if getting this one. I like as clean image as possible :) To bad that the g-sync model is so much more expensive, but I guess in the long run it's wort getting. Annyway not to go on to long about this. Do you know if LG will release say a GK950xx this year ? Would not be to great if bought this one and a new much better version is on it's way :) Again, thank you for an awesome review!
J N 26.05.2019 11:05
@PC Monitors Yes I surely can, so please keep up the good work. You'r reviews are amazing. Best in buisness :)
PC Monitors 25.05.2019 11:47
@J N Yeah, I'm not just being fussy when I highlight these responsiveness differences between the two models. You can now see why we specifically recommend the G-SYNC model, but not this one. :)
J N 25.05.2019 11:36
@PC Monitors Update! Tried the freesync version, and man what a let down. I hated it, so much smear it was unplayable to me. Send it back ASAP and go for the g-sync version: GK850G, and let me tell you. It's just frikking unbelivable, I love this monitor in every way. It's crazy what a difference it is. I see no smearing and like the colours so much better on this, even the sharpness seems just about perfect. This is hands down the best monitor I have ever used, and sets the bar for anything to follow. I just love it, best there is :)
J N 29.04.2019 11:33
Yeah I read the g-sync review. Thanks to you I know thats the one to get :) Was just wondering if you heard anything about upcoming monitors, but I guess no one knows. Get this one seems like a good choice then. Thanks again for doing a wonderful job! @PC Monitors
PC Monitors 28.04.2019 19:01
We've reviewed and specifically recommend the G-SYNC model. Or the cheaper 32GK650G which is very similar (refer to the recommendations section - https://pcmonitors.info/recommendations/ ). No known replacement by LG on the horizon.
Franz Aaneland 24.04.2019 18:08
Hey! Thank you for these great reviews! I've been searching high and low for the perfect monitor. I know now that it doesnt exist, but the 32GK850G is pretty close. The problem is the price. In my country its over 200 euros more for the 32GK850G over the 32GK850F. And I don't have the budget for that. I'm looking for a 1440p, 144Hz VA/IPS monitor that has good responsiveness but still with a good picture quality. Are there any better options to the 32GK850F in this preicerange? I actually would prefer 27" over 32", so please take those in consideration aswell.
Franz Aaneland 26.04.2019 06:17
Alright, thank you! Once again, great work!
PC Monitors 26.04.2019 06:00
No. It's not as responsive as the LG 32GK850G, but similar to the 32GK850F - actually a bit more responsive for some transitions.
Franz Aaneland 25.04.2019 21:10
@PC Monitors Yes I have. But if I understand your reviews correctly the Samsung is not as responsive as the LG. Is that correct?
PC Monitors 24.04.2019 18:28
Have you considered the Samsung C27HG70? https://pcmonitors.info/reviews/samsung-c27hg70/
cheese slice999 14.04.2019 19:50
fantastic video thanks 
Javier Rubio 13.03.2019 16:02
Superb review. Thanks!
Travis England 23.02.2019 19:31
In your opinion would you say get the gsync version for the extra 100 dollars more, even with Adaptive sync now out for nvidia GPUs? Or would you say go for the PG279Q? Any input would be helpful. I am using this monitor now and i currently sit around an arms length away from this monitor, and intend on using it for gaming, and software development
Travis England 23.02.2019 21:10
@PC Monitors thanks I really appreciate the response, I did read both articles and noticed you said that but I was wondering if Nvidia now supporting gsync could somehow change the results and make the gsync premium not worth it. Thanks again for your help.
PC Monitors 23.02.2019 21:05
I'd never recommend the PG279Q, it has awful quality control. As per the review, the G-SYNC model has significantly improved pixel responses if you activate G-SYNC. You don't get that bonus on this model regardless of whether Adaptive-Sync is active. So yes, I'd still and do still recommend the G-SYNC model - https://pcmonitors.info/recommendations/.
Colin Parks 31.01.2019 09:33
does this support the new gsync update?
PC Monitors 13.02.2019 18:38
@Bag full of crabs Nice to hear that strobe backlight setting is actually working now, at least. I too observe this 'rainbow' effect on some models with strobe backlight modes. Colourful green and magenta flashes at times with bright shades or high-contrast situations. I recall seeing it so strongly on some models that even if the strobe backlight mode was otherwise perfect I wouldn't use it - plus I too dislike the flickering. It's generally more noticeable on models like this with a relatively wide colour gamut.
Bag full of crabs 13.02.2019 12:30
I have this model and can confirm that it does, and works quite well. Freesync kicks in at about 48 fps in extended mode as advertised. Also, while we're at it, I'd like to add on the 1ms MPRT feature because, as the article states, PC Monitors wasn't able to make it work due to the early pre-release version of the monitor. Well, it works now and looks similar to this https://www.blurbusters.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/strobecrosstalk-average.png That double image is not noticeable in games and it does make some difference blur-wise, but what's bad about this 1ms MPRT is that you start to see weird color shifts like a little rainbow glow when you move your eyes or your head, especially in things like white text on dark background. They show up for a very brief moment, but you can't not notice them. I personally decided to turn it off, because I'm sensitive to flickering and because of that color shift. Response time mode on "Faster" does it for me and looks ok.
PC Monitors 31.01.2019 10:48
Not sure, users will have to tell you that. But from my testing of other models, it's highly likely it does. The actual G-SYNC model still offers superior pixel responsiveness and better performance over the refresh rate range (less overshoot at low rfresh rates) as covered in the review, however.
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