Walking in Guangzhou ( China )

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Опубликовано: 07.12.2012
Guangzhou traditionally romanised as Canton, is the capital and most populous city of the province of Guangdong in southern China. Located on the Pearl River about 120 km (75 mi) north-northwest of Hong Kong and 145 km north of Macau, Guangzhou has a history of over 2,200 years
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tomas seman 25.06.2017 23:52
trace of this Guangzhou walkabout https://goo.gl/maps/XfZY9LsAeQ32
youdi zi 22.02.2019 04:35
@keezi walks 7 year means a huge chang e to a quick develop country, GDP has double , welcome to china again and you will find something more interesting
tomas seman 26.06.2017 00:31
not at all.. i like maps and this "space-finding puzzles" :) I thank You for great videos
keezi walks 26.06.2017 00:15
cool love it thnx
Lourdes Galarzaordoñez 26.05.2019 21:15
Saludos interesante video gracias por compartir 
Man Huang 26.03.2019 11:00
Olive Toseetomorrow 19.02.2019 05:39
Hi Keezi! It’s great to watch your videos and I’m so glad I met you last year in Mexico!!
keezi walks 20.02.2019 10:18
Tnx a lot
Willy Schwarz 17.01.2019 12:30
Was our walker not allowed to go down any side streets? Only this deafeningly loud avenue? Lots & lots & lots of buses! Also. . .almost NO FAT PEOPLE to be seen.
s1Lence 19.11.2018 17:08
very relaxing, good stuff
月半 28.10.2018 07:11
Hardly see any young people?
Qian Fan 19.10.2018 08:09
nice video, it would be great if you give a look at the road signs, the one at 14:39 for example, so the viewers could know where you are.
zhizizi Zhi 29.07.2018 11:17
thomas song 03.06.2018 06:15
ding chang 01.01.2018 10:50
It's look like Vietnam....lol
Chris S 11.02.2018 02:15
In fact, there are 8 Chinese MAINLAND cities with GDP higher the the entire Vietnam (216 Billion USD). There are 33 Chinese MAINLAND cities in total with GDP more than 100 billion dollars in last year.
Chris S 11.02.2018 02:10
You know what? In 2017, Guangzhou GDP (nominal) is 340 billion US dollars, GDP per capita is about 24300 dollars. While Vietnam GDP (nominal) is 216 billion US dollars, GDP per capita is about 2300 dollars. This one city is much more richer than the whole country, and I don't think it's even comparable.
santin4reel 16.11.2017 03:54
is this Foshan? near the hospital, cuz there are buillding the new metro line there when I visited this 2017 summer. cool video. u should had moved the camara left and right a few times to see the sideview since u walked for 30 minutes
umiomamoru 01.11.2017 10:39
worldtravelimagesnet 19.08.2017 23:30
Have walked in Guangzhou. Exciting city, and really huge! Was worth the visa to get there from Hong Kong.
M Mess 21.05.2017 13:20
Big Mac, no fish.
Real Truth matters 22.04.2017 05:20
Love these videos. The chaos, sound and crowd remind me of Indian streets. But I don't see racist comments that I see for Indian videos. I wonder if people are inherently less racist towards lighter skinned people.
Debashish Roy 03.06.2018 16:15
old delhi looks the same...not new delhi...but u seem to be a self loathing piece of crap...so no point
Chris S 11.02.2018 02:20
Come on, Guangzhou GDP per capita (nominal) is 24300 USD, while Delhi is 3980 USD and Mumbai is 3291 USD. It's not even comparable.
T.A. P. 01.03.2017 11:00
I'd feel safer in any of these East Asian metropolises than I would in a western one. People are too busy working and getting shit done; I wouldn't need my crime app or police reports.
Blong L 09.02.2017 15:16
Without a grin facial profile of nearly billion being on this planate
空间盗梦 09.02.2017 06:10
china can beat you out of shit
brown buter 08.02.2017 18:49