Foods you must eat in Guangzhou [Editor’s Picks / Battle Trip]

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Опубликовано: 13.10.2019
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Aria T 24.11.2019 10:58
I usually hate comparing but.... Kyulkyung kinda looks like predebut Tzuyu in Sixteen. Also her haircolour.
kpop is my medicine 23.11.2019 13:18
11:23 what's the title???
Jacqueline Reyes Ayala 23.11.2019 03:06
27:27 the music is snapshot by SEVENTEEN I can’t
Lely Honey 22.11.2019 23:38
Anyone know the song at 18:17
Gemma Theresia Devina 21.11.2019 17:59
Do anyone of you know the name of the wonton noodle soup restaurant name in the video?
Gemma Theresia Devina 21.11.2019 17:56
Please tell me if anybody knows the name of the dimsum restaurant that they visited in the video? Thank you
Michaellas Felixis 21.11.2019 13:32
I’m love Guangzhou city, I’m from Guangzhou 
Carrie Ishere 21.11.2019 03:21
Omg The food reminds me of memories 
Salwa saad 21.11.2019 01:46
seventeen song♥️♥️
Cchekaa 18.11.2019 04:06
Lmaoooo 9:30 why in the world they played “earned it” tho .. there’s nothing sexy happening . I do get the irony in the lyrics at the time tho
Lucy Timba 17.11.2019 22:08
What is kyulkyung up to now a days???
Mi Sa Mo-chan 17.11.2019 13:47
Looks a like Tyuzu lol though it was real tzuyu but is not hahaha
Yudith Olguin 16.11.2019 03:47
I'm tryna cop all those meals a sis is hungry
Ivon Castro 16.11.2019 01:52
Pobres mujeres hambrientas , me dan lástima, tragan como mendigas.
ODD Gaming lesson 15.11.2019 22:52
First i saw this video.. I took is tzuyu 
eline belle 15.11.2019 19:20
I thought kyulkung was tzuyu in the thumbnail
Intan Eryna 15.11.2019 11:55
surprise me when snap shoot play
Malathi Medona 15.11.2019 08:15
Chungha snapping 
Gerald Olpindo 13.11.2019 06:40
The amount of capsaicin on that food tho 26:49
Lara Gomez 11.11.2019 20:07
When you’re vegan ... No thanks 
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