Guangzhou China Virtual Walking Tour 4K

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Опубликовано: 28.03.2019
This is a virtual walking tour from Guangzhou China. Guangzhou is one of several emerging cities in China located near the Pearl River Valley. Guangzhou is about 2 hours away from Hong Kong and an hour and a half by train away from Shenzhen. In the video I explore Beijing Lu walking street, downtown Guangzhou along with several different city parks. I also go to the Guangzhou library. Island Hopper TV is a travel resource for adventure seekers looking to discover many destinations across the planet. Having been encouraged to explore the world outside of the United States I have traveled many places solo and through Island Hopper TV I share the experience. Instagram: Twitter:
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Audio 9999 19.10.2019 12:25
Nice city
Augusto Cham 02.11.2019 18:07
Amazing, very clean city.
LiXiao Long 14.10.2019 00:38
So many fucking foreigners in their country don't have even a place to pee or something to eat not to mention a job a salary etc and u guys go to China making money and act such a dustbag most of the times and around 90% are doing the same. Then u pretend oh we are so cool so rich or coz we speak English bla bla but If I'm asking you all especially Americans and Irish to take the IELTS right now, you don't fucking pass a band 6 even. And I'm European originary...
LiXiao Long 14.10.2019 00:35
Sorry man, but if you are American for sure you just give a FAKE BIG SMILE ON UR FACE and never stop to shake a hand with a local people or sit 5 min even telling them that ok, let's sit 5 min and I'm so happy and gifted to be here. So, in my opinion, this type of foreigner FOUTUOUS they shouldn't be allowed to travel to such beautiful countries with such deep intellectual culture. STAY IN YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY THEN!!! My father 'adoptive' is an American and well respected in DC yet not all foreigners are like you of course but most of them from no matter what fucking country they are from, yet you don't treat people like that, when you walk in their land, dude.
Island Hopper TV 14.10.2019 03:04
You are saying I disrespected China?
Brick Life 19.08.2019 11:56
At 7:36 that is a new shopping center and is 2 stops metro from my parents apartment. I went there pretty much everyday for lunch :D
Brick Life 19.08.2019 11:52
Guangzhou is my fav city i go every year
giroro12 16.08.2019 02:14
quick question, how did you record this? Did you strap a gopro on your chest?
Island Hopper TV 16.08.2019 02:41
giroro12 I use a Go Pro Karma
Francesca B 06.07.2019 08:31
Hi, can u send me the map about the route you did??
Island Hopper TV 06.07.2019 21:31
Francesca B this area was downtown and Beijing Lu
OutdoorAdventureKids 28.06.2019 16:25
I went there on February
Gabo Prado 26.06.2019 03:08
I’ve never been in Guangzhou but I already miss it
Andi88kc 21.05.2019 20:43
Hello :). I will be in Guangzhou for 6 weeks in August? A good friend of mine from germany will come with me. Do you know how the weather and pollution situation is like there? Is the sky usually so blue or is this special. Cause in the video GZ looks absolutely stunning :0
Infoworld 07.09.2019 09:04
The whole guangdong and other south China provinces are not polluted, polluted places are mostly located in North of China.
Brick Life 19.08.2019 11:53
Guangzhou is not polluted much but can be humid in that time of year
Island Hopper TV 06.07.2019 21:32
It is muggy and hot in this area. Also monsoons. Maybe wait until October if possible
来了 雷恩 03.06.2019 14:04
In August, it was very hot in Guangzhou. It is recommended to go after October.
Vicky ou 02.06.2019 16:53
I usually only visit my hometown in the summer so I can't tell you much about the overall climate but I can tell you that it's usually pretty rainy during the summer (monsoon season perhaps?) And the pollution levels differ depending on where you are. The nicer areas are pretty pollution free while the more run down parts are extremely polluted. I hope you have fun visiting Guangzhou though, it's an amazing place.
SDS 31.03.2019 10:49
It looks like any other city in the world except the signs are in Chinese. Why do people bother traveling anymore. A lot of cities pretty much look the same.
Rei Elkey 15.09.2019 12:21
I currently live in Guangzhou and I actually don't find anything special about Guangzhou, I have traveled around to different countries and cities, and I find Guangzhou the least attractive, not sure what people love about Guangzhou but this is a personal preference. Also, it is very hard to communicate with the locals because you hardly can find anyone who speaks English, not to mention, you will encounter a lot of scammers, and you might also see people taking a crap in public, what makes it special? People should learn to give an honest review in their video, and not to trap and deceive people into a shithole, everything looks much better in videos, wait until you come and visit a city any city that vloggers or YouTubers tell you about, and be prepared to get disappointed.
Brick Life 19.08.2019 11:54
Every city has different architecture. Stop being so naive
Em Angola 10.08.2019 02:20
The culture is different... Educate yourself
Ashwin V 09.05.2019 14:41
@SDS huge skyscrapers, food and high speed trains . These are enough to make you visit
SDS 10.04.2019 08:26
@Island Hopper TV Yeah. The people look Asian and the signs and food are Chinese. Anything else?
Alan Zhang 30.03.2019 22:34
Guangzhou is my hometown. But I'm now in the US for master degree study. Thanks for your video. I miss my hometown very much.
swxic o 19.11.2019 19:41
Gabo Prado 28.10.2019 01:01
Alan Zhang my ex wife is from Guangzhou
Stephen S 30.03.2019 12:30
Guangzhou is beautiful
Yogesh chauhan g 29.03.2019 04:15
Chinatown is so beutifull Hong Kong my fevrete places I love my country China