Guangzhou south railway station to Shenzhen north on High Speed Train

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Опубликовано: 02.10.2017
Watch I was wearing Backpack Guangzhou and Shenzhen are among the first cities in China connected by high speed trains. Currently, there are some 180 more pairs in service daily from around 06:00 to 23:00, with an interval of no more than 30 minutes, and dense like city buses. Among them, G trains are running between the newly-built Guangzhou South Station and Shenzhen North Station with the shortest duration of about 30 minutes; some of them go further to Futian Station; in the third quarter of 2018, they will run all the way to Hong Kong . The Guangzhou to Shenzhen distance by train is 102 km (63 mi)
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cat cait 24.09.2019 05:09
The noisest airport.
nav san 24.09.2019 07:48
Its a train ststion not a airport.
林文斌 10.08.2019 06:26
there is carriage number on the ground of platform, find your carriage and line up, wait for the train arriving.
Marshall Teto 17.04.2019 22:11
Shenzhen buses are "all" electric which is amazing and leading in global electric transit vehicles implementation.
Expedition 09.03.2019 14:20
How to get metro station from Shenzen North Railway Station?
nav san 09.03.2019 19:30
Its part of the station just follow the signs to metro when you exit the train.
SilverWave 18.11.2018 17:12
I find it stupid that you have to buy your ticket at the counter and wait this long. Even if you have pre-booked it online, you need to collect it. Why not just let people print it out at home or have it on a smartphone? I would save so much time! All these great high speed trains are worth nothing if you have to waste this much time at the ticket counter.
W C 21.06.2019 08:55
If you are Chinese you can buy online and go to the station you dont need to pick your tickets there , just need to use your national ID card.
王文越 16.03.2019 06:56
Corrine Tsang 30.10.2018 01:48
CRRC is building a maglev train in a vacuum enclosure between Jinan and Qingdoa at a designed speed of 2,500 km/hr.
p Hitler 22.10.2018 18:49
Hey China , so beautiful , I hope one day visit China,
Bm S 31.08.2018 08:19
China has really taken great leap forward in developing world class high speed trains & it's network. That said population is still a big issue. They are overcrowded all the time & the people still need to learn the train boarding & alighting etiquettes, which is basic. It has surely elevated many people out of utter poverty yet it will take long time to catch up with Japan, Europe or the western world.
王文越 16.03.2019 06:56
Deby Ferguson 26.07.2018 03:24
The whole train station looks super huge place and it looks more like airport...Very impress to see how China truned out modernized ❤❤❤
Cali Marshal 17.07.2018 23:49
Don^t chinese buy railway tickets through online?
唐世力 05.01.2019 17:37
We always do! But some foreigners and aged people may not know how to do it.
STC 14.07.2018 06:34
China have too parts. Costal cities are developed, inland towns are underdeveloped countries.
Mo Suraj 08.07.2018 19:34
Ur vid is soo helpfull
Nguyen Tran 06.07.2018 19:22
i love CHINA
Arip Rasid 29.09.2019 13:39
I hate china people they always spit everywhere
Hot Sauce 16.06.2018 05:15
2:39, nice Seagull 1963 pilot's watch.
Al Cheung 14.06.2018 16:51
The high speed train is great, but it's ironic they cannot provide a better and more efficient system to buy the tickets! So it takes a disproportional amount of time to buy a ticket for a speedy train ride! Kind of stupid! Can't the train management people see that?
Norman Guan 10.09.2019 07:38
Actually for us Chinese people who has ID card, we don’t need to get real tickets, just book a ticket online and then go to train station and tap our ID card and then we can get inside to waiting room.
jia ma 07.01.2019 14:37
If you find it to be inefficient, it is your problem. Always check self first.
jia ma 07.01.2019 14:36
Its already efficient cannotbe better. Of course you need to know the local language, just like in australia i need to speak english in china you need to know chinese.
HG Liu 02.08.2018 03:46
Dude, in fact, we can also buy tickets online and get tickets on the automatic ticket machine, very convenient, do not need to wait in line.
舔耳课堂 29.05.2018 13:29
Unite one's heart and realize the Chinese dream
Wei Song 20.05.2018 12:31
your watch is seagull 1963
Frost 16.05.2018 22:44
why didn't u purchase the ticket online and you can get it directly rather than waiting for that long time.
Dave parker 15.05.2018 18:58
Wah. That's a seagull 1963.
Aggrey Tumuranzye 11.05.2018 16:14
The railway station is even better than our international airports that we have here in Africa.OMG we need a pray!
Wannabe Just 22.01.2019 14:45
Aggrey Tumuranzye there are same stations built in Africa, Nairobi to Mombasa