Beriev Be-200 watershow

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Опубликовано: 19.06.2009
Jetprop Firefigter in action
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udrugonz 03.11.2019 13:21
trzeba kupić taki dla polskiego rządu ! na wodzie nie zachaczy o brzozę
Jorge Siqueira 21.09.2019 00:42
pra mim o mais boniTo e unico avião anfibio do mundo
Talip Yüksel 09.09.2019 19:14
BE200 is much more better as Canadian once.
Kenier Villa 04.09.2019 12:46
thomas Rose 20.02.2019 22:46
You can see the designs that go back to the pby Catalina the engines on top of the Wings the long wings just has that look but I love this plane the pontoons at the end of the Wings I wonder if the pontoons are drawn into the wings to lessen drag when they fly at altitude marvelous plane
Rettungssocke 12.11.2018 21:00
Just amazing!
Lubov Mudrost 12.11.2018 20:36
Best for California fires!
Delten -Eleven 30.09.2018 01:13
The U.S. was an experienced builder of amphibious planes through the 1950s. A "peaceful bomber" the Be-200 is a plane I could see in U.S. airspace on trials for firefighting.
YT_ Kocak 29.09.2018 14:48
Awesome plane
jojy yo 24.07.2018 15:16
It has a good purpose ! Best water bomber !
Luc Rolland 03.01.2018 18:23
It seems that this plan can do a flyby and catch water just like the Bombardier CL415. Interesting indeed.
Sven Niemeyer 16.12.2017 16:44
Thats Russia, German Engineer can learn about this fazinated airplanes
J.Y. Huang 11.11.2017 15:40
Russians always can build masterpiece!!!!!
Rattus Rousselon 30.09.2017 16:31
la motherland se rifa bien cabron, me mamo este bros
Cedar Poplar 20.08.2017 14:19
I feel like a child watching this.. so cool
Carlos Mejia 20.08.2017 12:20
What a beauty !
Carson King 10.08.2017 23:17
Cool, I've never been in a sea plane, would love to try it. 
tstrrtstrr 26.05.2017 18:02
Can you buy these and make them a flying yacht?
Fred Ferd 08.01.2017 02:36
It's OK, if you are SURE about the landing and take off conditions on whatever emergency water source, i.e. lake, you happen to choose. If there are hidden rocks, logs, etc., you will turn that beautiful airplane into an expensive submarine. Stll, it's a beautiful machine!!!! The point is to be careful when using it.
Sandra lHaurault 12.11.2016 11:49
Forget congested airports with people rushing to relax. This is the way holiday flying should be. I can fly yself and these aircraft appear to be very easy to fly. To James Brown;yes the Russians are excellent aircraft designers.
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