This is China: Episode 1 of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

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Опубликовано: 07.07.2017
The Engineers in China are redefining infrastructure development in the 21st century as the country's economy continues to develop. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is the latest evidence.  The bridge is designed to withstand the force of sixteen typhoons and force of eight earthquakes.  Another principal requirement is that it must not disrupt shipping in the area or flights in and out of Hong Kong and Macao international airports. Meeting these demands has created the need for a series of innovations in the bridge’s design, and in the construction materials and methods.  Further breakthroughs will also help ensure the bridge achieves its planned lifespan of 120 years – a significant advance over the 100 years that large-scale bridges have been designed to last, up until now.  Subscribe to us on YouTube: Watch CGTN Live: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr: Weibo:
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Snotty Scotty 18.11.2019 15:38
At least China has something to so for its investments, while the USA's infrastructure is falling apart and in $23 Trillion in debt.
Loo Is 16.11.2019 15:05
Why build bridges? build walls like US lmao
Itz_Kenneth YT 16.11.2019 07:13
:) i live in hk ive been on this bridge for 2 times and im only 9 years old
Hing Yee 11.11.2019 17:20
Thanks and respect !
Mary Johnsen 05.11.2019 20:18
Chinas pretty
蓝俊毅 03.11.2019 20:42
Orlando Sanfeliz 28.10.2019 00:25
interes,dedicacion y compromiso. parte fundamental de lograr grandes proyectos.
Timothy Mundia 22.10.2019 08:07
Good work teach African countries
Suresh Menon 21.10.2019 12:37
Journey to this bridge is my Dream. Very beautiful journey , Wonderful experience journey
Vance L. Gilmore 06.10.2019 08:34
Chinese manufacturing, architectural and engineering techniques are time tested and proven marvels of human endeavor.
Random overpopulated world ideas 04.10.2019 06:22
as a non-Chinese person, I see alot of propaganda. Although it is true, it paints Chinese as infallible. There is a lot to not being afraid of China in accepting they have succeeded as the main world power. But they'll never conquer the independent soul.
Sujan Baral 26.09.2019 16:17
China is awesome
Alibaton Construction Inc. 23.09.2019 04:10
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bingkeung lee 20.09.2019 23:41
So proud about Chinese engineering, no other countries can compare with.
kerry lindberg 13.09.2019 00:28
Very good video
tyrozyna 10.09.2019 14:45
Guess what, I dont speek chineese! I am tired of subtitles sometimes. What about english lector?
junjie Li 06.09.2019 22:22
However, the fact is this bride is absolutely unpractical. People will have difficulty to find a vehicle on this bridge after it was opened for more than a year. It's a huge waste of taxpayer's money though it looks decent.
Shahariar fardin 04.09.2019 23:20
Hey i am civil engineering student from 
goo turner 03.09.2019 23:10
goo turner 14.09.2019 13:11
@kang shen The chinese regime persecutes Uighur Muslims even for having the wrong name... I think I will be safe here.... you can go finish up your dog soup
kang shen 13.09.2019 19:20
fake news welcome to china and you will see truth
saya orang kaya 01.09.2019 17:03
china bgs kl bikin infrastuktur tp kl bikin yg lain2 knp berkarat y .....ttp klh dm buatan amerika.....