Street food Breakfast Guangzhou, China

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Опубликовано: 06.07.2014
#Streetfood #Breakfast #China
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Melina lee 28.09.2019 20:44
My mother ils cantonaise, I hope I visit Chine, Hong-Kong, Canton And Macao
Choon M. Ng 24.09.2018 20:03
Guangzhou street food are so delicious. They are all good. Don't ask too many questions. Eat it & you wont find this heaven anywhere else. Just let your friend order & you eat.
nav san 25.09.2018 08:14
I'm asking questions for people who are watching the video so they know what all the food is and whats inside.
O 31.07.2018 01:59
Why would you say your GF or translator is poor at translating?! This isn't a Chinese to English course u dumb limey twit! go have your fish and chips and fck your 1st cousin
nav san 31.07.2018 04:19
OS because she is not Chinese and yes it was Chinese to English class but I guess you couldn't tell you dumbass fucking cry baby. If watching my videos make you shit yourself my tip step the fuck off. Btw I have a girlfriend so unlike you I don't think of fucking a member of my family. Only a sick person would think of something like that but you're sick if shitting yourself by watching a video turns you on boy.
suyin peck 31.03.2018 09:08
Be a little more patient to yoir girlfriend, she deserves it doesnt she?
nav san 31.03.2018 13:54
suyin peck she loves me for who I am and not for who you want me to be.
Francis C 05.01.2018 10:44
Just try the MF n stopped talking. Open your mind n free your narrow mindedness. The foods would not kill you.
Tri Dang 12.11.2017 22:43
these are all arsehole migrants speaking mandarin, no cantonese speaker in site... waiting for migrants to go back to their province before i come home.
Jessica Wong 28.05.2017 08:34
you are kinda annoying. you're like those foreign people who are too scared to try food that actually tastes good. like frigging hell, be respectful, buy their food and stop making their food go cold.
Jessica Wong 29.05.2017 17:13
nav san please stop talking about yourself
nav san 29.05.2017 17:13
Eternal stillness drives the light of genes
Jessica Wong 29.05.2017 17:08
nav san ibuying followers are against MY rules. its just what you believe and whats reality. because my account has not even been on insta for a year and i gainingggg because of my content
nav san 29.05.2017 17:05
anyone can get 5000 followers all you have to do is follow for follow. buying followers and views is not a big deal. but well done you for buying you're, now you're trying to get free followers by putting your id here. Nope sorry already delated it. No spam thanks.
Jaycee James 05.04.2017 18:55
cos you're a loser to begin with . nobody owes you a living neither do that friend of yours . go watch other YouTuber that does food log. it's not simply just about asking what this and that . can't speak the language then be humble or fo.
Bernard Soh 18.02.2017 20:07
just take 1 of each and test all of it. What kind of person goes china cannot even speak mandrian.
Baby Messy 25.12.2017 11:26
Bernard Soh so i invite you to mauritius.... i hope you talk creol....
Bernard Soh 19.02.2017 19:47
My apology then.
nav san 19.02.2017 19:34
Bernard Soh offence taken.
nav san 19.02.2017 19:33
Bernard Soh yes sure you do. so you only travel to 5 places. where is that?
Bernard Soh 19.02.2017 19:30
No offence to you, you have to the country and learn the culture and languanges.
gefen 0313 26.08.2016 09:12
Ive been in shenzhen and I loved these breakfast,and the eggs and soya milk....
nav san 26.08.2016 09:55
Ann-Kay Lin 08.08.2016 08:35
連廣州都唔講廣東話! 廣州應是標準廣東話的地方, 大概都要講普通話了. 都話食在廣州, 這哥和姊吃的所謂廣州 street food beakfast 早餐, 認真唔在行啊! Perhaps it is more apt to title this upload as " Two People Who Do Not Know Cantonese Food Culture Using 15 Mins To Introduce Very Little " .
Oliver Li 12.01.2019 13:10
等我呢个广州仔开翻个频道系能够用广州话既地方用广州话啦, 哈哈
Dee Dish 26.01.2018 14:05
You have to be carful as hell in Guangzhou, they will feed you dog shit in a minute. Many of the street stands actually serve differ bet types of feces. I was living there for work, in 2010. The first month I was there I wondered why so many of the people I spoke with, smelled strongly of shit. It was because they were eating shit for breakfast. This is the truth. These food stands on every corner have nothing but buckets of animals intestines. They do not wash them or even bother to push the turds out of them. I watched many times as my co-workers bought them and ate the little chunks of shit. They said that it was the best part. Yes! In Guangzhou. You must be very careful indeed. They love to eat shit and things that are spoiled.
adam dada 15.12.2017 09:53
doge doge 23.07.2017 09:59
Ann-Kay Lin 11.08.2016 13:29
論點是街邊賣飽大嬸普通話這樣好, 表明普通話已是廣州大眾常用言語了, 這15分鐘視頻, 聽不到背景廣東話, 我一連看了好多個介紹廣東小食的視頻, 都是用普通話的, 不似那些介紹香港食街和小食店的, 周圍 D 人和行人都在講廣東話. 香港大概仍未實行學校教學用普通話, 如果有香港大嬸在街邊賣飽合理地用普通話答番人地用普通話問佢, 講的會是被形容為 "最怕聽廣東人講普通話" 那樣的普通話.
Toby Chin 02.08.2016 14:08
what street are all these beautiful eateries?
nav san 02.08.2016 14:09
it was just a average street close to my hotel. you can find the everywhere.
Chemu Kef 31.07.2016 17:34
These street food are almost everywhere in China, if you have opportunity to go Beijing you will see what is true local food
suchai piset 19.09.2016 07:44
Food in Guangdong is better than in Beijing . .
Chemu Kef 31.07.2016 20:33
duke is so delicious :-)
nav san 31.07.2016 17:38
I found the food in Guangdong better then the food in Beijing.
none Y 21.07.2016 06:45
you should go to beijing street in guangzhou, shangxiajiu street. those places are famous.
nav san 21.07.2016 07:04
look in my other videos you will find both streets videos. bj street is just a tourist trap.
John Lee 23.06.2016 06:25
"地铁站在哪里!?"  中国人就是这样没礼貌,人家在交谈,就这样插嘴。如果你真的很急,你该说:“对不起,不好意思,打扰一下,请问 。。。”。 我跟一个中国朋友在餐馆吃饭,他大声喊:“服务员!给我一杯茶!” 全部人好奇地看着他。我告诉他,我们的文化是你举手不做声向服务员示意,等她来到你的桌子,你才低声吩咐。如果她没看到,你可以说:“Excuse me, please",  或 ”不好意思!“ 。每次我 跟服务员说不好意思,请你拿个什么什么给我”, “谢谢”。他说不用说不好意思不必说“谢谢”,不必说 “请你。” 有一次在一个山东菜馆吃饭,哇! 全部是中国顾客,吵到好像全部人在吵架。我跟朋友讲话面对面还需要喊。他们敬酒站起来后退一直碰到我也不说对不起。纸巾筷子包装就这样丢在地上,鱼骨之类的就直接吐在桌子上。争着付钱好像要打架。
H Jane 09.02.2018 06:52
John Lee 你別装了,这么有礼貌就不会整个岛都是诈骗犯啦。请你把哪些诈骗鬼领回吊湾。
Hannah Sophia Wong 27.05.2016 02:37
omg I'm craving for steam buns
Junior 24.05.2016 18:41
if you at my store, i il kick you to mc donals. you are so picky
JASLEEN KAUR 16.08.2016 06:56
+nav san can i also meet u for lunch in india hehehehe
nav san 27.07.2016 18:34
@Monique Melendez I love Guangzhou you will enjoy it. Send me email with your wechat we can meet up in Oct for lunch.
Monique West 27.07.2016 18:31
+nav san I am moving to Guangzhou in October after studying Chinese for 4 years. Your videos are very helpful as I'm replaying them, slowly translating them to help me with common phrases I can expect to hear in China. Great refresher for my Chinese, thank you. P.S. I'm American and trilingual. Not all of us are ignorant & stuck in our bubble ;)
nav san 24.05.2016 19:20
I'n not a rude american, You will find americans in KFC. My video are to show people that when you go to a wonderful place like China with rich heritage don't just eat in hotels try the food. Maybe someone will watch my video and if they go to China they will remember my video so will try the food that I asked about knowing whats in the food because they don't know how to talk to the sellers whats in the food. Its not being picky its asking to help viewers. Intuition differentiates into essential balance
Junior 24.05.2016 18:54
i thought you an american
Stellacept Tekai 07.05.2016 04:22
Are u from Canada?
nav san 07.05.2016 07:13
+Stellacept Tekai I'm from England
Ass Burgers 26.04.2016 05:01
Char Siu Bau, my favourite !! But that one did look a bit stingy with the filling.
nav san 26.04.2016 05:22
yes could do with more filling.
Simone 21.04.2016 17:22
Looking through the comments hopefully for a street name so I can get my hands on some street food(since I live here now) and I find the amount of overly sensitive people sitting on their high horse astounding. Might not be the best travel video out there but definitely a good effort. Actually watched it all the way till the end because I was curious about what else is there or where this street is. The ending though is definitely cute but ironic at the same time. Gwailou all out to try local foods and the chinese lady is the one with the western breakfast.
nav san 21.04.2016 17:44
+Lee Seemone it was in the Yuexiu District, but you can get this type of food most places. Another good place to eat is shangxiajiu road but at night.