How to get FREE transit hotel with China Southern Airlines | Guangzhou Layover Guide

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Опубликовано: 28.08.2019
Ni Hao everyone! This is my 2nd Guangzhou layover guide video. This specifically shows the immigration procedure once you arrived at Baiyun International Airport and how to get your free transit hotel and freebies with China Southern Airlines. Hope you'll find this video informative and useful to consider Guangzhou China as your next destination. Enjoy! ✅ Youtube: ✅ Instagram : ✅ Email :
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dardinelli 21.11.2019 03:03
Hello. Medyo confusing... If Philippine passport mabibigyan pa din ng free transit visa? Hindi kase nakalagay yun Philippines sa 53 allowed countries. Thanks!
Ace Joanne Tizon 23.11.2019 03:45
@dardinelli God bless din po. Enjoy your travel 
dardinelli 22.11.2019 04:32
Ace Joanne Tizon Super thank you po! God bless! 
Ace Joanne Tizon 21.11.2019 16:36
Almost all countries po ang 24-hr free transit visa. Yung 53 countries allowed cla up to 144 hrs transit visa.
Mary Jane Guinto 16.11.2019 23:21
Hello po kahit ba economy maavaik tong free accommodation
Ace Joanne Tizon 23.11.2019 03:49
@Mary Jane Guinto Hi, it has nothing to do with a visit visa for uae. The 24-hr free transit visa in Guangzhou is based on the passport. Philippine passport holders can get 24-hr free transit visa as long as may onward boarding pass cya to her final destination and through China Southern airlines ang flight niya. May kasama ba mom mo? its better kc may kasama para may mag guide sa kanya.
Mary Jane Guinto 21.11.2019 17:38
@Ace Joanne Tizon visit visa lang po sya papasok ng uae ... eh hindi napo ba nya need ng transit visa sa guangzhou? 17hrs kasi layover nya
Ace Joanne Tizon 21.11.2019 17:05
@Mary Jane Guinto what do you mean tourist visa?
Mary Jane Guinto 21.11.2019 16:44
@Ace Joanne Tizon paano po kung tourist visa lang po tas kukunin nya free accommodation!! Hindi naba need ng transit visa ? Mnl-can-dxb din flight po ng mother ko!!tnx sa reply
Ace Joanne Tizon 21.11.2019 16:37
yes po, basta may ticket / boarding pass ka ng china southern airlines 
Bram Huyghe 11.11.2019 15:23
Very useful video! Thanks a lot. One question however: Did you actually have your luggage checked through to your final destination or not? Cause in some other travel videos I've seen (f.e.: people are stating that, in order to get the 24-hour visa free entry and being allowed to leave the airport, you are obliged to pick up your luggage (and check it in again) ...
Allan Malijan 19.10.2019 21:57
Can I still avail the free hotel if I book via skyscanner? Or should I book directly to their airline website?Thanks
Ace Joanne Tizon 21.10.2019 17:14
Allan Malijan Hi yes, i booked via skyscanner too so it should be good 
Ulesh Edathadan 16.10.2019 09:52
Very informative! Thanks for this!
Reginald Dublado 13.10.2019 14:13
Very informative video. Thanks. I'd like to know if a shuttle was provided from holliday inn back to the airport?
Ace Joanne Tizon 17.10.2019 16:33
@Reginald Dublado before going through immigration, you must go to the 24-hr visa counter first to get your visa entry. Just present you passport and onward boarding pass.
Reginald Dublado 17.10.2019 16:26
@Ace Joanne Tizon we get that thru immigration section, right?
Ace Joanne Tizon 17.10.2019 16:14
@Reginald Dublado once you arrive at Baiyun international airport, you will have to get your free visa entry first and then proceed to China Southern airlines desk to book your hotel. Note that you must have a layover for 8hrs or more to get the free transit hotel stay.
Reginald Dublado 17.10.2019 15:57
@Ace Joanne Tizon ok thanks. Last question, do we need a China Visa to avail of the free transit hotel stay?
Ace Joanne Tizon 13.10.2019 15:34
Yes. Shuttle is provided from airport to hotel and vice versa. 
All About Ananya 07.10.2019 01:31
Beautifully explained...Thanks a lot...
Ace Joanne Tizon 08.10.2019 08:31
You're welcome! Thanks for watching the video 
emolej gnosulad 06.10.2019 08:32
hello ask ko lng po if 22hrs layover pwede pong lumabas ng airport at magtingin tingin?
Ace Joanne Tizon 21.10.2019 17:18
anthony carpio Yes, free po ung transit hotel for 1 night stay.. 
Ace Joanne Tizon 21.10.2019 17:18
Riczenlee Solamillo for Philippine passport holders po 24hrs lng ung free visa natin. pag more than 24hrs, i think you need to get a tourist visa for that. You may check with immigration to confirm po. 
anthony carpio 19.10.2019 21:21
Lahat b libre po pati pg check in ng hotel?
Riczenlee Solamillo 18.10.2019 16:19
Tanong lang kung lagpas 24hrs magkano fee sa visa
Ace Joanne Tizon 06.10.2019 16:07
Hi, yes that's what i did.. Basta less than 24hrs layover free visa entry po for Philippine passport holders 
MEGAMK07 25.09.2019 00:00
Very informative and helpful. Thank you so much !!
Ace Joanne Tizon 25.09.2019 05:40
MEGAMK07 Thank you! 
Yappytrip 24.09.2019 18:09
Cute ng bear sa ending. Thanks for sharing. You brought us here. Thanks for supporting us too.
Ace Joanne Tizon 25.09.2019 05:41
Yappytrip Thank you sis! 
Gracey Papio 13.09.2019 17:48
Salamat beb! This is very informative. May pa-breakfast pa! Iba din. 
Ace Joanne Tizon 25.09.2019 05:41
Gracey Papio Thank you beb! Try mo din mag layover dito 
Gypsy Souls 10.09.2019 01:14
Wow. I cant wait for my layover from JFK-MNL...
Gypsy Souls 10.09.2019 03:53
Ace Joanne Tizon thank u.
Ace Joanne Tizon 10.09.2019 03:25
Komento PH 02.09.2019 09:22
wow. cool ! sana all haha
Ace Joanne Tizon 03.09.2019 02:22
try mo din mag layover dito, saya!
Nairen Saturre 29.08.2019 09:21

Crista Bernardo 28.08.2019 22:46
Ka nice bish!!! Sana oilll
Ace Joanne Tizon 29.08.2019 02:15
mao ni pinakanindot na layover akong na experience.. try sad puhon bish! :*
Grace Pacursa 28.08.2019 14:37
halos lahat provided. nabigyan ako ng idea dito ha. hehe Thanks!
Ace Joanne Tizon 28.08.2019 15:10
super generous nga ng CS airlines, push mo na!