Muslim Street Food in CHINA | Guangzhou HALAL Street Food Heaven - BEST Islamic Chinese Street Food

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Опубликовано: 04.09.2018
China's HALAL HEAVEN in Guangzhou - BEST Muslim Street Food Today we visit Guangzhou's HALAL HEAVEN! The best muslim street food in China! Chinese street food is very diverse and muslim food is one of my favourites! We went to Lanpu Lu to check out the Friday morning muslim market to try some delicious street foods! We sampled all kinds of Uyghur and Hue Chinese food including : Pilaf, Roast Lamb, Pomegranate Juice and much more! This market is PACKED with the best street food in Guangzhou! Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - ======================================================== Hey there, my name's Luke Martin with ! I'm on a journey to document the BEST Street Food around the world! The Chopstick Travelers are based in Taiwan, where we frequent the best Street Food stands everywhere from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Not only do we feast on amazing street food in Taiwan, but our food focused travels take us on Street Food missions trying unique foods in places like Japan, Malaysia, Korea and Hong Kong and around the world! I post 2 times a week mostly food, some travel. Street Food tours around the world and the most unique dishes we can find in all kinds of hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Stay updated for my latest video VIA our Facebook page and Instagram! - - Always remember that the best part of travel is immersing yourselves in the local culture, and no where better can you immerse yourself than into the Street Food! China / Luke Martin / Chopstick Travel / Muslim Street Food / 2018
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Luke Martin 04.09.2018 13:19
One more video from China coming up soon! If you want to check out what were up to in India follow us here - & https//
RTTabyn 07.11.2019 14:02
Luke Martin for best pilavs, go visit Uzbekistan oe Tajikistan or both
Love is Love 28.05.2019 12:09
You're like a young Mark Weins, do you speak that slow on purpose?
Dip Set 27.05.2019 23:16
putri najwa that place isn’t the same anymore, China put those people in concentration camps. The media will never show you
King Khan 15.05.2019 19:06
Luke Martin
jedus007 14.05.2019 13:01
You should go to South India Specially KERALA ,it is a beautiful Place abundant in Nature, and lots of Seafood to go with.
Schpankme Verimuch 24.11.2019 01:57
Where's the CHRISTIAN Street food in China? Where's the JEW Street food in China? ... Political Party Conversion Zionists > Bolsheviks > Communists > NAtional ZIonists (NAZI) ... ABRAHAMIC Religions JEW > CHRISTIAN > ISLAM
Khalid Mahmood 23.11.2019 05:37
Wrapping pieces of meat in the NANN for a bite is real taste.
Andre Kankaya 22.11.2019 13:58
Looks like dirty food :P
Abderrahmen Fessi عبدالرحمن الفاسي 21.11.2019 20:31
I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
T Islam 21.11.2019 19:01
most of food stall onwers provably has been killed or imprisoned by chinese goverment
Foisal Kabir 20.11.2019 09:52
Allah Karim Love China Muslim 
Ahmad Arifuddin 20.11.2019 07:26
Where is the address? Guangzhou is so big
Abdurahman Hasan 18.11.2019 06:45
For the people of East Turkistan and those who still have humanity in their hearts. Chinese identity in East Turkistan is an invader, no debate needed. To call the invader a government is a form of betrayal to the human dignity. Because a government doesn't murder, doesn't kill innocent people by torturing them.
nothing but the truth seek it you will find it 18.11.2019 03:36
As good as it may look, It's not halal anymore once the dust and pollution had settled in the food in the open market. Eat at your own risks Hygiene as we know in the west dont exist in these culture, obviously there is no food stall insurance. Our health dept would close the food stall quick and smart.
Harun Qios 14.11.2019 11:15
I m Muslim from Indonesia.
janjan55555 11.11.2019 15:08
Sorry but Moroccan food is a million times better! Having tasted both...
Rumi Romio 09.11.2019 05:10
Very nice,, request you to come again in pakistan ,, we are ready to warmly welcome to you.
Ghafar Shah 01.11.2019 16:30
ھم چائنہ کے مسلمانوں کو سلام پیش کرتے ہیں
Mel Shiraki 30.10.2019 20:31
Are you trying to copy Mark? Your comments sure sounds like Mark! If yes, you should develop your own image because copying someone who is successful only leads to a downfall.
Rabbim bizi kendine yar eyle Amin 27.10.2019 17:40
Viral Video 25.10.2019 16:36
Plz come pakistan dear
Viral Video 25.10.2019 16:35
Love from pakistan 
Wajid Khan 24.10.2019 17:28
love muslims brothers love Islam
Hαmzα Rαjput 23.10.2019 09:33
Halal food always Looks delicious.. No matter where it is prepared! This Chinese style Halal food looks absolutely mouth watering...
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