Mugen Heavy Metal - Celesteela Beta Showcase

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Опубликовано: 05.12.2016
Reviewing and Showcasing a newly made boss pokemon for mugen today. Made by my friends: CS Avion's site - TBM's channel -
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Oddish sTUFF 25.01.2019 10:29
Don't ever call me a "mugenator" again.
WiCloud735 25.01.2019 14:42
@Oddish sTUFF it's how i start every video...and im not gonna stop saying it even if you don't wanna be called that.
Oddish sTUFF 25.01.2019 14:39
@WiCloud735 ok. Don't ever call me a "mugenita" again.
WiCloud735 25.01.2019 14:28
it's mugenita, not mugenator, meaning female mugenite
OmegaMiltonCyber 18.10.2018 00:00
"We have to fight a sandwich." Who would win? One Giant Rocket Alien Girl vs one sandwich boi?
Vault Droid 30.10.2017 18:36
Pardon if I may intrude, but how's the progress on the Celesteela boss going? Assuming you know of course. o:
Vault Droid 30.10.2017 22:40
Shame, well I hope they're taking their time with the character, it looks promising!
WiCloud735 30.10.2017 18:54
i dont sadly, no updates or news from tbm or csavion
Gold and Tails 02.10.2017 18:11
What happened? It's still WIP?
WiCloud735 02.10.2017 19:43
im not sure...ask tbm, i left a link to his channel or csavion
Jack Dolan 12.03.2017 12:58
I have an idea for a obstacle filled run-away boss, Guzzlord. The only way to make this boss work is for a resolution cave (B2F) stage Intro: The cave is crumbling, many pokemon run away, but from what entity? Guzzlord starts to walk from the left, it notices the fighter. Starving for something, it comes after you. How it works: Run away as fast as you can before it can catch up to you, there will be hard to dodge obstacles for a challenge. If you win: You manage to exit resolution cave, just in time for a trainer to battle and catch Guzzlord. If you lose: Guzzlord catches up to you, managing to eat you, it can then rest again
WiCloud735 12.03.2017 14:44
interesting idea tell him that. This could make for a fun mini-game, similar to indiana jones' run from the boulder mini-game.
thebestml201 10.01.2017 16:04
Also turns out the "Gyro Ball" was actually Energy Ball!
sonicadam2 05.12.2016 21:18
Nice showcase Wicloud ^_^.
WiCloud735 05.12.2016 21:24
thebestml201 05.12.2016 20:36
Nice! :D
WiCloud735 05.12.2016 20:40
thank ya! and keep up the good work.
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