Donna Vekic vs. Dayana Yastremska | 2019 Zhuhai Round Robin | WTA Highlights

28.08 тыс. просмотра скачать ПОДЕЛИТЬСЯ
Опубликовано: 23.10.2019
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wksoh 25.10.2019 06:30
Women's tennis is so high level now. Gone are the days of high unforced errors and weak serves
parv 24.10.2019 10:34
I like more Dayana Y the more I see her play. Only if I could Aryna S (among others) play more too ...
jef cergos 24.10.2019 08:45
I like the attitude Dayana. I most definitely like it.
Mark Fream 24.10.2019 08:27
Yastremska reminds me so much of Dementieva. Hits the the ball incredibly hard and flat and is so good at redirecting the ball. Also has that tendency to just run through the ball instead of doing a deliberate split step likes most players. She still has much to improve on but has a very bright future.
paari raaju 24.10.2019 06:28
Excellent match!!!Congrats Yastremska
Shane Terry 24.10.2019 02:13
There’s only a handful of people in the crowds this week
Kenice King 24.10.2019 01:41
Some absolutely amazing tennis by these ladies. Sorry one had to be the loser.
Laine Gordon 24.10.2019 01:06
PHENOMENAL tennis! brilliantly done both
StewNWT 24.10.2019 01:05
I can’t ever like Vekic
andy luo 24.10.2019 00:45
Vekic was so close in the first set.
markie1aa 23.10.2019 22:08
Superb tennis! (Wot, no screechin'?)
Yan 23.10.2019 21:54
A little smile would be nice, Dayana…
Pablo Briones 23.10.2019 20:35
Yastremska is on fire. I hope to watch her winning a GS. I like her current tennis a lot
Jon 23.10.2019 19:37
Best first set of the year perhaps? Great girls......
Dima Dzh 23.10.2019 19:07
Too. Much. Power.
Rowshni Ahmed 23.10.2019 18:52
goodness me, what an empty stadium. sheesh. I've been saying all year that women's tennis is really good because it's so unpredictable and you don't know who is going to win week to week but what we have seen is players like barty, halep, andreescu and osaka peak, but just not at the same times. Although in China it was great seeing Osaka in tough battles against Andreescu and Barty. We need to see more of these match ups and in the later rounds of the slams in particular. And hopefully in a final, Serena if she makes it will show up.
Randy Hernandez 23.10.2019 18:45
2 over rated players that are inconsistent at best. If you can’t win week to week what’s the point of even elevating them? They won’t be winning any GS any time soon or any other tourneys
Out Of Time 23.10.2019 18:06
Now she plays Bertens next, who beat Yastremska a few weeks ago. Hope she can remain consistent.
Out Of Time 23.10.2019 18:01
If only Yastremska can be consistent. She can rule the tennis world. This girl has unbelievable power. But she tends to play differently every match.
Out Of Time 23.10.2019 23:22
I hope she can beat Bertens this time
Κώστας Αργύρης 23.10.2019 21:50
Well, she is only 19! You are right about the power. I can already picture in my head a match-up between her and Osaka. Will be sth like Serena vs Clijsters
Gseric47 23.10.2019 18:01
Great effort from Donna, and great play from Yastremska