Kiki Bertens vs. Saisai Zheng | Zhuhai 2019 Semifinal | WTA Highlights

24.7 тыс. просмотра скачать ПОДЕЛИТЬСЯ
Опубликовано: 26.10.2019
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Levi Weterings 27.10.2019 18:06
Kiki com on i love you you ar the best
Romere Dubost 27.10.2019 04:47
Hmmm 1 minute per set
starmartir 27.10.2019 03:54
I really hope Kiki wins at least one GS. She’s a class act 
Raymond Hall 27.10.2019 02:15
Zheng is by far the better player imho.
thefridgeman 27.10.2019 01:06
oh, that's exquisite
Norbert Falcon 27.10.2019 00:29
3 minutes, wta you are pathetic
Mohanad M. Ibrahim 26.10.2019 23:36
Sabalenka vs Muchova highlights anytime soon?
_atp3417 _ 26.10.2019 23:08
Worst match of the year?
Hong Lor Chhong 26.10.2019 22:31
Good match three sets in three minutes well done KIKI
Moorish Brooklyn 26.10.2019 22:06
I am really loving the evolution of Zheng's game. I want to see more of her.
Moorish Brooklyn 26.10.2019 22:06
Goodness!! This was a phenomenal game featuring two of the best competitors.
dominic spiller 26.10.2019 19:22
Bertens too much class
Gseric47 26.10.2019 17:09
Great job for Kiki! 
Snoopy Bollox 26.10.2019 16:41
The Asians just don't have the staying power unfortunately.....
Mark Luyk 26.10.2019 15:42
Well done, Kiki!
Raj Krishnamurthy 26.10.2019 15:40
The new Wall?!
stlouisramsfan03 26.10.2019 14:44
WOW! Neither player deserved to lose! I love both sad for Zheng but happy for Bertens also!
paari raaju 26.10.2019 13:11
Bertens excellent tennis!!!Great 
J nid 26.10.2019 13:03
just when it's a full packed stadium
Cirolchou 26.10.2019 15:07
It's weekend now
محمد صالح 26.10.2019 11:27
am sad for kiki she was want qualifying wta fainal but bilenda bencic was best from she