Andy Murray Best Shots in Win v Sandgren | Zhuhai 2019

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Опубликовано: 24.09.2019
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RandomVideos 27.09.2019 09:33
Murray should have continue his retirement when he is still considered a legend. Now he is just one of those old players who is stubborn that dont want to retire thinking they still can make it but cant anymore.
Elizabeth Taylor 26.09.2019 14:00
Come on Andy, LET'S GO!!!.
Zeek 26.09.2019 12:32
Looks like Murray is in a Hurry...
Jonathan Fa 26.09.2019 08:36
There is my andy
TheTradge 26.09.2019 06:22
Great to see Andy back in the winners circle, not quite at his best as if he was then he’d demolish Sandgren effortlessly, but it’s good to see he’s on the road to recovery.
Per E 25.09.2019 23:14
Go, Andy, go.
Francesco Defendi 25.09.2019 21:39
01:53 selfie here... one day... sooner or later... will people realize that selfies are..just useless?? 
ToomcioZioomcio 25.09.2019 21:16
Even after an injury, Murray three times faster than Milos Raonic against Zverev in Laver Cup final match. Well done!
Aa JV 25.09.2019 18:53
Boring baseline bullshit. Stay retired Murray
JM F 25.09.2019 18:12
Bowiththeflow !! 25.09.2019 15:36
Murray may have won this match but in my books its a loss. Took him 3 hrs. Any more matches like this he will start crying again
Allen Hoang 25.09.2019 15:13
Hey ATP, your highlights are terrible!
srinitaaigaura 25.09.2019 15:00
Murray's recovering well, but he still wants to grind and grind some more.
tony maroni 25.09.2019 15:24
Agree needs to be aggressive end points quick otherwise that hip unlikely to hold out hope I'm wrong good to see him back.
wtt whh 25.09.2019 14:29
Is it too much to aaaaalways talks about every small Murray's performances?
Aida Law 25.09.2019 14:24
You're back Idol so happy for you just keep on believing that you can come back again on top...keep up the good work God bless
Aditya Bhargava 25.09.2019 14:16
He played tennys so well!
mynameisdrpat 25.09.2019 12:21
Retirement : am I a joke to you?
RS 7 25.09.2019 11:57
Murray is boring to watch. He's only interesting to watch when he's playing against the big 3.
simpson2221 25.09.2019 11:50
he is ranked 413 now, boaaah thats a long way to top 10 my friend lets see
The UNDYING 25.09.2019 11:42
Good move