Lagoon Lounge - Yuujirou Ending

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Опубликовано: 23.09.2019
[Yuujirou's Ending] This is the ending of everyone's favorite boi (Well one of the bois) the pure, innocent, and adorable Yuujirou-chan! Like what you saw? Like and comment, even subscribe!
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박정진 02.11.2019 10:25
The dogo Doggy 05.10.2019 02:16
Yeah me too buttt I play game over and over again gee it swell to finally cum now other video :)))
Angel Generation 12.10.2019 06:52
I found my link. small edit, it needs to have admin, it's important
Angel Generation 11.10.2019 14:02
@The dogo Doggy I think I gave a link before. I'll send it when I find it
The dogo Doggy 11.10.2019 09:55
Kidding but actually I wanna play this game too but don’t know how to download:)
Angel Generation 08.10.2019 06:26
Lol, do what you gotta do
Berkshire Vlogs 24.09.2019 01:21
I really hope there will be lagoon lounge 4. Also when the series ends. Maybe there should be lagoon lounge shorts. Or game crossovers if you decide to try out the games I suggested. But still, yuujirou kun is best kun.
Angel Generation 24.09.2019 17:41
@Berkshire Vlogs Lol, I had the idea of Let's plays with the bois. Kevin is too much, and thanks for the offer. It's alright, I'll manage with the whole new thing I'm doing.
Berkshire Vlogs 24.09.2019 12:27
Angel Generation in fact I don’t mind helping produce them
Berkshire Vlogs 24.09.2019 12:25
Dick: exists Kevin: @ delicious, finally some good f*cking food.”
Berkshire Vlogs 24.09.2019 12:24
Angel Generation yea basically
Angel Generation 24.09.2019 03:24
I'll keep that as a surprise. Crossover like How? The Yuujirou poker video?
Sky the dragon 026 23.09.2019 20:29
Welp Yuujirou is best boi established.
Angel Generation 24.09.2019 03:23
Thats why his ending is first
Lagoon Lounge - Yuujirou Ending 1:04:49

Lagoon Lounge - Yuujirou Ending

1.17 тыс. просмотров
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Lagoon Lounge - After the Storm

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