Largest "Ghost" Mall in the World (New South China Mall), Dongguan, China

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Опубликовано: 29.11.2018
Largest "Ghost" Mall in the World (New South China Mall), Dongguan, China ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact Me: Facebook: Twitter: Walkabout Rojo = @goodliferojo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: China Zhongshan Xiaolan Guangdong Dongguan Dongguan Mall New South China Mall South China Mall China Ghost Cities China Ghost Mall Ghost Cities in China Largest Mall in the world Biggest Mall in the World World's Largest Mall World's Biggest Mall Shopping in China Travel in China Teach English in China Wade Shepard Wade Shepard Ghost Cities
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Another MGTOW Monk 24.11.2019 09:54
Dan Bell would go crazy there.
Nick Deniega 18.11.2019 07:36
Most likely the guards there are heavily armed packed with grenades and body armor since its ghost mall
Walkabout Rojo 21.11.2019 09:56
actually, i don't recall seeing any guards there. it was rather peaceful.
陳大文 14.11.2019 17:17
Alibaba is doing a great job just like Amazon, and China 's malls are gonna fail like Macy's.
Walkabout Rojo 21.11.2019 09:52
Maybe.. small business is still thriving in many cities; malls are popping up everywhere, though.
dungoist 15.10.2019 01:13
Almost 2 billion ppl in china and none in that mall.
Walkabout Rojo 16.10.2019 15:29
There's a TON of other malls for them to visit.
Russell Solomon 26.08.2019 09:57
They shoulda built this mall in DongCheng. That’s the main drag of Dongguan. However DongCheng already has several malls- Wanda Plaza, DynaCity, and the new DG Mall in the Downtown area.
mBabe 25.08.2019 06:58
Anyone from China with lots of money to waste like this kindly contact me and I will give you high-return real estate investment locations in Africa.
ahri 10.08.2019 03:33
I’d like to go visit there one day Not that’d I’d buy anything. It’s China, so once someone thinks of a better idea they’ll be tearing it down. Buildings in modern China age very fast and don’t last very long.
Walkabout Rojo 22.08.2019 13:20
It'll be interesting to see what happens to the place in the future.
Enigmaster 05.08.2019 18:05
China thought they could do everything right. This project was a major flop!
Irish Sean 08.07.2019 21:30
Anyone else spot the old green away Norwich City shirt in the window? 
Paopaowell Pao 27.05.2019 09:22
i love dim sum
GA II CAFE 18.05.2019 03:24
Would love to see a 2019 update
Walkabout Rojo 20.05.2019 17:15
Maybe i'll be back this year.
kwansider 09.05.2019 10:23
hi, anyone know years ago theres a poor man operating a toy shop alone in this ghost mall... is he still around?? i feel bad for him!
Walkabout Rojo 09.05.2019 13:00
I saw this video. It's not quite as bad as this video makes it out to be, but when i was there it was quite void of shoppers.
zKathx 29.04.2019 03:18
Why is it called ghost mall?
Walkabout Rojo 02.05.2019 16:47
IT's called that because when it first opened, there were no stores and the vast majority of the was abandoned and empty.
Horse Luke 06.04.2019 17:04
Haha, Local dongguan citizen have something to say. 14 years ago this project made too high goal and it failed (That's why it said "Ghost" mall before). Then Peking University Resources (Holdings) Company took over it and adjusted target. In my opinion the first successful project is the first Asia IMAX cinema, “Avatar” made it really famous at that time. But for local, it relives because real estate industry grew around the mall, and urban expansion in Dongguan. It's really a successful business story for that company. In the future, who knows, haha.
Walkabout Rojo 08.04.2019 15:13
Awesome! It's great to hear from a local who lives in the area and has seen it's progression. There are a few family owned shops that have moved in. It'll be interesting to see what the area becomes in another 15 years.
Nick 27.03.2019 19:36
Not overly surprised this mall technically tanked in a way. I mean its still open as far as it goes. But for how long? Its like when you play a building management video game like Sim City. You want to build this super duper BIG city. Going far as spending massive amount of money quickly. Without thinking of proper business strategy such as you noted: location, transportation, etc. it  would not be as successful. Don't build something that no one will be able to get to or is very limited of reaching. Then again, I wouldn't be trying to beat the world of "World biggest mall" because that sounds like a bad ending of "World's Biggest Mall Flop".
Walkabout Rojo 29.03.2019 06:08
I am secretly a Sim City nerd and often see the world in the same way.
abadiqaisy123 23.03.2019 18:13
did they really demolish a part of it ?
abadiqaisy123 25.03.2019 17:25
@Walkabout Rojo it's always raining in China 
Walkabout Rojo 25.03.2019 16:10
I don't know. It was raining that day, so i don't know.
Yukithatchan 23.03.2019 05:09
i predict that Billgates secretly the owner partner
J O 22.03.2019 18:12
The day you went makes a lot of difference. On weekdays, it can seem deserted. On weekends it might be filled by tens of thousands of people. That was the case when I was in China (not this part). But I could be wrong.
Walkabout Rojo 25.03.2019 16:09
that is true. it was also raining on the day i was there so i'm sure that scared a lot of people away.
rfdub 07.03.2019 00:19
I can all but guarantee the only reason any of those stores are there is because the rents have been kept artificially low so as to make it seem like the mall still isn't a total flop. The mall is essentially a state owned vanity project and so is now in full "Face saving" mode. Bad money chasing bad money though, as judging by how run down its looking at only 13 years old here, and given Chinese construction's typically lackluster quality, its not likely going to receive the major reinvestment necessary to keep it from crumbling into decrepitude. Plus its on the wrong side of history, as pretty much all malls everywhere are going to fail in the next couple of decades as ecommerce completely destroys traditional retail. Shame too as the many billions that have been spent and will be spent propping up this built-to-fail mallstrosity could have been much better put to social programs or the like.
Nathan Knipp 04.03.2019 10:13
I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada we used to be home to the World's largest Mall(West Edmonton Mall) There are 800 stores in our mall, we also have a imax theatre, world's largest indoor waterpark, amusement park, a casino and many more ammenities, we are currently the largest in North America... If you ever visit Canada check it out bro.. I've always wanted to go to China, I'll have to check this out one day..
Nathan Knipp 22.04.2019 17:46
@Walkabout Rojo Yeah bro you totally should... British Columbia is probably our most Scenic province, Kelowna B.C is amazing, also Kamloops and Penticton(The Okanagan), Golden and Hope are nice too.. Vancouver on the lower mainland is one of the nicest Cities in the World and Vancouver Island is absolutely stunning, places like Victoria, Nanaimo, Sooke... Montreal and Toronto are immaculate and then there's the east coast Newfoundland, New Brunswick, P.E.I. You definitely won't regret it!
Walkabout Rojo 06.03.2019 15:56
One of the things I would love to do is drive the entire length of Canada in the summertime..... hmmmm......