🇨🇳 31 - What is Dongguan really Like? 东莞 Guangdong, China - Block Explorer

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Опубликовано: 21.04.2019
Dongguan, a cosmopolitan city located at the heart of south China's Pearl River Delta, is actually not famous for tourism. As a former "world factory," it attracts many foreigners to come here for business. Dongguan is also well known for another reason, which has earned it the nickname "the Eastern Amsterdam." #Dongguan #Guangdong #China #Travel #Blockchain
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BY Chung 23.11.2019 03:49
Thats the real richest Canton local place
Herrera Missions 20.11.2019 03:25
Blockchain Travel 23.11.2019 15:30
Chinese supermarket, Dongguan, China 24:23

Chinese supermarket, Dongguan, China

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Dongguan China - New City Centre

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My Hometown - Dongguan - 4K

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