Enhance Steam Proton with Fsync (Not Freesync but futex)

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Опубликовано: 07.09.2019
A quick video showing the process of installing a FSYNC supported kernel to use with Steam Proton. Ubuntu should auto update your grub menu, but if it doesn't "sudo update-grub" -- Outro Music -- Anwar Amr - Extreme Energy Music
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Cyprian Guerra 13.09.2019 22:52
Nice video. Waiting for more. For whatever reason YouTube replaced all kinds of forums for me nowadays. Also, tab-completion is a thing - abuse it, it'll make your life way easier. (I recommend to *literally* abuse it: sud<tab>gru<tab>mkc<tab>... not only saves you about 20-30% of typing but also leaves you with less typos in those long tricky file paths).
Venomous Pictures - Linux Tech Gaming 14.09.2019 01:32
@Cyprian Guerra Dislike for Google and G+? Your reading to much into that bud, lol. I don't dislike Google I dislike monopoly and possible bad business practices. If Google is all you need what is the point of the internet? It also becomes more closed minded as you're only feed through one means of source. Since YouTube and other Google Services share the same ambiguous EULA what doesn't fly on one doesn't fly on the other. Leaving you left in only the Google algorithm. I liked the concept behind G+, its groups, and overall how it functioned. Though forcing a service onto YouTube without proper integration wasn't a good thing. You literally had a channel and a G+ account with two different pages. It didn't make YouTube or G+ function any better as you keep sort of jumping between the two. Not to mention it forced real name nonsense on channel. Yes you can lie, but still silly to have without a true paid service. If you're not donating money, using ad sense, or purchasing something, I don't see the point of trying to force data out of people. Also, again you can lie and still make many sock puppet accounts if you wanted to, if that was the goal of using real names. Then later cellphone activations. This is annoying because now children that want an account can't even make one without getting a text message to complete an account. The same can be said about a lot of e-mail services now too. How can you get an e-mail if you need a phone to activate it. Oh that's right, "Hey mom and dad buy me a 200+ USD device that can also have microtransations and have a monthly fee, possible overage chargers, and other small hidden fees". Edit: When I say bad business practices I mean more towards the consumer. When something is jumbled around it doesn't help anyone. It's not easy at that point. Then if we're talking about collecting your name, phone number, et cetera it isn't hurting them, but you. You're now just a product to a corporation. As they buy and sell data such as this on a whim. All of which is annoying, as even your cellphone provider will do this. In my eyes one wrong doesn't make a right. The lesser I put my information out there the better chances not everyone has it. For the record, I'm not telling anyone how to live. Do what you want to do. I'll be on the other side of the interwebs enjoying different perspectives as well as the Google ones. (I even post on boards full of jerks that just flat out call you names for using Linux. The staff too and Google isn't going to moderate it out. I get to see the other side of the coin without someone flagging it for some reason. Not saying it happens all the time or that exact thing happens on YouTube, but only sort of making an example of what could disappear, a.k.a opposing view points).
Cyprian Guerra 13.09.2019 23:45
While I understand your point of view and used to go to forums for everything two or three years back, I don't share the hate for Google and actually miss G+ (I even liked YouTube's recent attempt at messenger - it was slowly replacing Hangouts for me) so I don't mind trading comfort for "privacy". Maybe it's just me being lazy but registering on external websites just to ask a question or post an answer is so 2018... Also, feed I can listen to while vacuum cleaning wins over written material. Thus, MOAR PLS! ;)
Venomous Pictures - Linux Tech Gaming 13.09.2019 23:29
"Nice video. Waiting for more." Thanks and Oooph or whatever that popular sound that people put into to videos is, lol. "For whatever reason YouTube replaced all kinds of forums for me nowadays." I try to have as little Google in my life as possible. I also just don't see YouTube replacing forums for me. Specially these days when video responses are not even the same. When you could actually pin videos to other videos. Then the whole adding a friends on YouTube is a mess at that, with needing to have outside contact just to trade friend codes like the old Nintendo in a way, lol. It didn't help that G+ was forced on YouTube and sort of ripped out either. Overall internet forums just fill that void for me. That YouTube can't do.
Venomous Pictures - Linux Tech Gaming 07.09.2019 12:51
I had someone ask me about this on a forum. Figured I would make a video on it. If anyone or said person has issues or questions feel free to ask. Though remember this is sort of a test kernel and if you have problems that can be reproduced you may need to report them on Github. https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/2966
How compact is compiled RISC-V code? 27:50

How compact is compiled RISC-V code?

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Kernel Quantum For Galaxy A7 2018 Android 9, PIE

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