China unveils new fighter jet at Zhuhai air show

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Опубликовано: 01.11.2016
The J-20 stealth fighter made a flypast and performed a series of maneuvers. The event is China's biggest defence show, where plane manufacturers and buyers will be meeting. The government hopes its latest products will narrow the technology gap with the United States. Al Jazeera's Adrian Brown reports from Beijing. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website:
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their all the way 04.11.2019 05:59
Copy made in China should last a year.
Raptor 181162018 08.10.2019 21:26
It's china china china.
RESatt999 18.09.2019 03:12
The aerodynamic layout is totally different just by the look of it, how can the reporter say it's similar to F22 lol, al Jazeera reporter don't know anything about airplanes.
Zeeshan Niazi 17.09.2019 11:54
Never knew that journalists are blind. J-20 has completely difficult design than American F-22 and F-35.
PARKATU 223 30.07.2019 02:20
Copying is China's specialty
Asokan N 12.07.2019 07:16
China, Powr Ful, R, Me,
tmanrx7 08.06.2019 10:52
World needs to support China against the Anglo Saxon murder machine
Chris Mason 12.04.2019 19:35
Chinese steal a lot , they are not original.
Gabriel salgado 06.03.2019 14:37
Everything from them is a nock off from something else so what any ways
Deathless 01.01.2019 23:23
that reporter have no idea of the history between US and Philippines. They shouldn't be allies in the first place.
Wolf Blitzer 10.12.2018 22:29
Chinese cars, motors and mopeds rust already when they are new in a showroom. Chinese jets are fake, not dangerous, not stealth not fast, not special. But they are cheap.
Tourdo ops 19.11.2018 10:56
This is a fake news like fake landing on the moon in 1969.
Biochem Wang 14.11.2018 02:50
Dumb media ... I know what you want to say even before I watch this video. If any report is just another projection of your illusion, why bother to report anything.
Killing MASTER 08.11.2018 09:37
China will attack America very soon
Tracy Cao 08.11.2018 07:09
通常呢, 这种言论在中国被称作柠檬怪!!!!!!
Dipto Zaman 22.10.2018 19:13
Love from Bangladesh
mjkkhalid 27.09.2018 11:17
Pakistan and China working on many projects to show they not the only big power in the world.
Richard Teh 28.08.2018 06:08
China built it's wall to keep out the warring Mongolia Now they are building their military might to deterrent the western warrring barbarian provoking for war in the name of democracy
Cánh Thép Channel 13.08.2018 22:37
Cheap toys...copy cat
MAN IN RED 12.03.2018 20:01