How Expensive is Guangzhou China? TRAVEL COST

31.55 тыс. просмотра скачать ПОДЕЛИТЬСЯ
Опубликовано: 28.06.2019
This is my first visit to Guangzhou China and love it here! Guangzhou is one of my favorite cities in China now. I thought I would share a typical day of my expenses going around the city of Guangzhou. I also will share the cost of the subway, my accommodation, food courts and much more! Follow me as I share with you guys how expensive Guangzhou really is. ^^ Welcome to my channel! I'm Patrick and this is Patmax Adventures! I'm originally from California and have been living abroad for the past four years. I decided to start this channel to share my experiences and passion for travel with others. My goal with this channel is to share and show as much as I can of the World. My focus will always be on the culture, food and of course the local people of everywhere I travel to! I'm an optimist and always try to highlight the positives of a place rather than just the negatives.Though I will also be bluntly honest at times too! If you love travel and exploring far away places, then you found the right place! Join me in living every moment to the Max!! ^^ ========================================================= Join the Adventure! ▶️ SUBSCRIBE TO PATMAX ADVENTURES! Check out my last video! ▶️ GUANGZHOU CHINA CITY TOUR! You can find me on: ⭐ INSTAGRAM ⭐ FACEBOOK ⭐ GOOGLE+: ⭐Music: ⭐Business inquiries: ⭐Recorded with: Sony HDR AS3000 Action Cam
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LUKE SHEN 04.11.2019 00:45
It’s yougart
onceANexile 27.10.2019 22:57
Just bring toliet paper!
Mathieu Clerté 15.10.2019 13:49
Hi bro, thanks for the video. How difficult is it to 'survive' when you don't speak Mandarin ? I'm going to Guangzhou one week in Jan, should I start learning now ? Cheers
彭科 31.10.2019 06:59
English is also OK,Many people can speak English.
Simon Klein 14.10.2019 17:26
very good Video, really thank you for that. Still i think your a Reptile =P
Simon Klein 15.10.2019 17:06
@Patmax Adventures didnt want to insult you , thank you for that honest answer. Keep up with the Videos, they are very good !
Patmax Adventures 15.10.2019 03:20
Thank you! Because of my eyes? I was born with a condition called "coloboma" which gives my cat eyed looking eyes. Look it up!
Xinli Huang 14.10.2019 12:24
I was told by relatives in china that a lot of places don't accept cash anymore. Everyone pays via mobile device. Can anybody confirm this?
Elanor zhang 18.10.2019 09:40
emmm.... Everyone pays via mobile device, yes. But if you only have cash, then it is also ok in many places of China, although you have to wait, because people may be finding where their cash is to exchange for you. But generally, it is ok if you only have cash.
Gunz Lee 02.10.2019 08:50
Hi Patrick. Can i have the street name of your video at 11.28 ? i'm curious with chinese style hamburger. Thanks a lot !
The Dapper Man 24.09.2019 06:48
can you make some video going to Xing Hao Pan market
wolf h 21.09.2019 00:59
OMG. Is it Shui Yin road?? That's where I used to live
Elaine Leung 14.09.2019 23:56
Guangzhou people call yuan as "man"
Caroline Weatherbee 13.09.2019 01:14
Is that jiangnanxi?
Ho Lam 29.08.2019 17:28
I don't think poor people in china could afford it
Jerome Noob 26.08.2019 13:27
I live there lol
Dean Johnson 24.08.2019 06:38
Pat buddy - your videos are excellent and I am MUCH more comfortable with the idea of travelling in Guangzhou. But google maps don't work there. How do I check out the street level view in Guangzhou?
Hu Valley 25.08.2019 17:36
baidu map app
Looser 10.08.2019 12:57
Brother where is the wholesale market of led fog lights
wen steven 07.08.2019 12:16
your drink is yogurt
wen steven 07.08.2019 12:27
and the drink with Chinese hamburger is a cup of date soy milk
M T 01.08.2019 20:18
Thanks, I enjoyed watching this
Yux.T N. 28.07.2019 07:18
is it rice milk?
Millennial Travel Confessions 15.07.2019 22:36
Great video breaking down the cost! Thank you 
Fires Fires 08.07.2019 03:15
Nice vids man. I'm in Panyu district Luoxi town. Should meet up sometime... Those small little milk stuff is probiotics and I believe the one you drank in the vid is some coconut soy milk mixture.
mustafa 1419 07.07.2019 20:07
Sir are you still in Guangzhou???? I need your help. Please reply me