Lagoon Lounge - Let's Clap some Gou Cheeks

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Опубликовано: 14.10.2019
Gou;s ending is going to be interesting, especially since Gou is not the Gaey. How will he react to Kevin's love confession? Let's find ouy! In our way to ending this game I would like to thank everyone watching. If you want me to say something in the various voices I've done on this channel feel free to comment down below. Like what you saw? Like and comment, even subscribe!
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Kitty rabbit 23.10.2019 16:00
I like your video so much ^ω^
Angel Generation 24.10.2019 03:56
@Kitty rabbit lol
Kitty rabbit 24.10.2019 03:27
@Angel Generation meow 
Kitty rabbit 24.10.2019 03:27
@Angel Generation≧∇≦
Angel Generation 24.10.2019 03:04
@Kitty rabbit I'm happy your happy, haha
Kitty rabbit 24.10.2019 02:31
@Angel Generation thank you so much ≧∇≦
Sky the dragon 026 15.10.2019 20:12
Also I don't know what's worse Gou's pride or Sousuke being a tsundere
Angel Generation 16.10.2019 01:16
Sousuke being a Tsundere would be adorable! "Here, I uh, I got you chocolates... B-but its friendship chocolates! D-dont get the wrong idea! I-I dont like guys!" (In his mind: God I most have looked stupid! He probably hates me now!)
Sky the dragon 026 15.10.2019 20:09
I will say that gou's ending is arguably the most anti-climax ending ever that being said I think that the endings in the 3rd game vary Yuujirou and Sousuke being the good endings(in my opinion) and seiya and rai's ending being the bad ones(again my opinion).
Angel Generation 16.10.2019 01:20
Gou's ending is basically "Yeaaa I'm not going to be your boyfriend. Remember, I'm not gay..." As for Yuujirou its kinda tragic of an ending
Poligon Dust 14.10.2019 15:44
Sooo about your Voice acting there's not really much to change but try to make your high pitch tones consistent because sometimes your voice breaks and I guess that's it really there's not much else instead of just training different tones of voices, different types and training pitches but yea that's it you're pretty good if I'm honest
Angel Generation 22.10.2019 07:09
Thanks for the advice
Poligon Dust 16.10.2019 03:07
Well thanks but I think thanking you for doing what you do is the right thing to do ;D
Angel Generation 16.10.2019 03:01
@Poligon Dust Thanks, and thanks for watching
Poligon Dust 16.10.2019 01:18
Ok I mean as long as you're happy then do whatever you want man
Angel Generation 16.10.2019 01:14
@Poligon Dust As long as I can entertain you guys I'm pretty satisfied
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