China-Guangzhou nightlife street for foreigners | vlog in Hindi by indian

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Опубликовано: 05.04.2019
Hello, In this video I am enjoying china Guangzhou nightlife all night long. Start my nightlife at 9pm and come back to hotel around 5am . First I went to Kama club, than saharat club, where music and crowd is mostly Arabic and Western music . Than I go to party pier street ( near canton tower, pearl river ) which is the best place to party all night long in Guangzhou, china . Party pier street is full of clubs,bars,discos,live music, restaurants of all tastes. I am Indian and use Hindi language in my video and for English audience there is text on video. if you like my videos don't forget to subscribe to my channel and share my videos to all your groups and friends thanks I AM INDIAN
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Michael Cassidy 13.11.2019 12:55
Anthony Stokes at 0:33
Our Age of Reason 10.11.2019 14:37
Superpower India 2020~
Rana South Korea 28.09.2019 12:55
Bro i will visit China can you tell me whice place better? i am from South Korea.
I am Indian 28.09.2019 13:03
I visited Shenzhen and Guangzhou , and both these cities are world class , thanks
Gurpinder Singh 20.09.2019 17:19
Had aa yr
Gurpinder Singh 20.09.2019 07:36
Tsi china rhnde ja india??
Gurpinder Singh 20.09.2019 07:45
@I am Indian fer gal kyo nhi karde phn te??
I am Indian 20.09.2019 07:38
Raajdeep Chhabra 09.09.2019 20:36
Hello sir I also like to visit China can u give me some more tips plz. Can we talk 7309474444 ping me up I will call u back
Raajdeep Chhabra 08.10.2019 17:51
@I am Indian going on 29/10/2019
I am Indian 08.10.2019 17:45
No update china series is finish
Raajdeep Chhabra 08.10.2019 17:44
Sir any update
Raajdeep Chhabra 10.09.2019 13:23
@I am Indian thank u sir
I am Indian 10.09.2019 12:51
Sir I forwarded your phone number to my friend , he will contact u soon
ANKIT ax 17.08.2019 20:03
tattoo man looks like wwe superstar randy orton
I am Indian 18.08.2019 01:28
ANKIT ax 17.08.2019 19:59
awesome video hai dada iam from Kolkata
I am Indian 18.08.2019 01:23
Thanks for watching 
triangle stomache 30.07.2019 23:30
Whats the point for a foreign man to go all the way to China, and then go to clubs where everybody is either male, or foreign women, and where there are no or very few China women inside.......?? I would rather choose places where most of the customers are China women, so i can make friends with them ,so that the trip becomes worth it .
REAL LIFE VIDEOS 03.07.2019 10:01
Nice , like it
Bombay Bhai 08.06.2019 08:07
Wow you guys having a lot of fun in Guangzhou, cheers enjoy, more video please.
I am Indian 08.06.2019 08:39
Yes sure , thanks for watching
Anhad Singh 19.05.2019 12:40
Nice video
Sanjay David 13.05.2019 06:33
Willson Li 27.04.2019 13:40
In China, you can drink alcohol anywhere
Ram Nath 21.11.2019 06:07
@I am Indian but Chinese peoples r not good dirty undeveloped country , world most dangerous country girls r not safe
I am Indian 27.04.2019 13:45
Yes no problem , I always try to buy drink from 7/11 because it is cheap , and drink on streets, more china videos coming soon , don't forget to share my videos to all your family and friends, thanks for watching and your comment
Jitender Sharma 13.04.2019 12:42
Good video
Save Like a Pro with Leah 05.04.2019 12:24
Lovely video! Thanks for sharing!
I am Indian 19.04.2019 05:26
Thanks for watching