Subway from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Guangzhou Center

61.44 тыс. просмотра скачать ПОДЕЛИТЬСЯ
Опубликовано: 17.09.2014
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psbose1 28.10.2019 13:31
Terrible quality mate.
KB GIREL 21.10.2019 13:52
I didn’t realize it’s better the most developed countries
Alex Jonathan 01.08.2019 18:44
The subway card is only valid for each city? Or can i use it anywhere?
Eric Zhu 30.09.2019 09:12
The card in the video is old version, now new card can use it in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan.....and for both subway and bus
Ong Cmu 16.03.2019 09:04
Thank you for your info, it,s very useful.
Adrian Cahun Ochoa 12.03.2019 03:27
Does anyone knows how much does it takes to go from the airport to the Canton Tower? I have a 7hrs stopover there and I would really love to see the Canton Tower but I am not sure if it is enough time for the trip, takes pictures and come back to the airport. Should I do it or is it a bad idea?
Tactful Hbean 20.01.2019 15:31
Lot of shake and lack of focus in this video making it unpleasant to watch.
boodhoo zeehan 21.10.2018 10:52
Superb video man. Very helpful. BTW how much it cost?
Gabo Prado 11.10.2018 03:00
Guangzhou here i come Those taxis guys are nothing but a big scammers
fccomputer fc 23.09.2018 00:55
hello,, whats the name of your hotel??
Linda Lin 15.09.2018 00:35
Thank you for the video for the creator. It is nice!. I have also filmed a video of me going to the metro, from buying tickets in the machines until going out. If you like to explore Chinese metro with a beautiful local Chinese girl, you can check my video in my channel too.
Alice Gachoka 22.08.2018 05:07
This is the information I was looking for.....very helpful ,thanks.
Ken Deng 14.08.2018 00:01
There has 4 new lines in Guangzhou Metro (Established at Dec 2017), Line 4 south extension, Line 9, Line 13 and Line 14.
Frea Ann 31.07.2018 02:24
whats the name of hotel??
Mimi _____ 15.06.2018 11:59
Total rip off 100 for a SIM card it is more expensive to buy in the airport
Volebien 28.10.2018 18:49
@nav san omg, i didn't know this. Good to know as am traveilling to guangzhou next week. 200 rmb? do you know how much data on that phone? because i need to use VPN or apple maps to get around the city.
nav san 28.10.2018 18:43
@Volebien for a Chinese SIM cards of Rules have now changed you have to register your passport in order to obtain a SIM card but you can still buy them at airports but they charge you more than you would if you went to a shop where you show your passport. If you're looking just for a short term SIM card 200rmb is the going rate.
Volebien 28.10.2018 18:22
@nav san that is for chinese residents right? i used to buy them at my hotel lobby.
nav san 15.06.2018 12:08
Mimi _____ so true but you can't buy SIM cards on the street anymore they changed the rules, now must go to a phone shop, with id and proof of address. Airport can now charge more just like you can't take water then get charged 2x the price after security. It's all about ripping people off at every airport in the world.
MONY WALKER 16.05.2018 06:17
Very helpful. Thanks
freedom77 10.01.2018 03:09
is airport bigger then ctu?(chengdu)
Jianhao Xu 25.08.2017 02:39
Well, it said no photos but you kept recording... lol
zise 808 11.06.2017 05:25
nice video
Feng989 31.03.2017 20:18
I can tell even ur camera is tired from that long trip
Jean Goredema 16.02.2017 17:13
Excellent video. Very helpful. Thanks