Video Review of my Samick Avion AV3 (Greg Bennett Design)

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Опубликовано: 10.09.2012
Check out my blog! Samick makes nice guitars, especially when you consider their low price. Check out my Avion AV3.
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Seeker Of the Profound 08.04.2019 14:55
Just picked up an AV-70. This thing kicks ass. Great guitar
Seeker Of the Profound 11.04.2019 21:29
@jarry Dee I have played epiphones and I will say that it plays way better than those. For that price its definitely worth it. I've only had mine for a week and it's my favorite instrument. Though i dont own a gibson or anything truly nice
jarry Dee 11.04.2019 21:23
They have one at a place close to me for 199 bucks used. Do you think it is worth it? I have a real Lp, want something cheaper to play around with, but do not like epiphones.
Mark Reyes 26.03.2019 06:45
Have an av3. Av6: and two av7. One a limited goldtop they are heavy guitars but so worth the money. I live part of the year in Manila and get these new in box for about 150 each the tr1torino for about 130. Each. Got three. Best money I ever spent for guitars. You are right about samick contracting other brands. Most people would be surprised the brand name they have is really a samick or Cort guitars.
Blain Hawkins 12.01.2019 03:15
this guitar is my favorite right out of the box,i paired it with a crate 120 watt full is a beautiful match,and yes samick does produce epiphone guitars
GraeMatterz 12.11.2018 03:59
I just picked up an AV3 (in cherry burst) in Oregon for $150 w/gig bag from a private seller on CL. I thought I had missed it as the seller didn't respond so I found a used Epi LP100 that I purchased at a chain store and 2 days later the AV3 seller contacted me. Comparing the two side by side, the sound from the AV3 was so much fuller that I wound up keeping the AV3 and taking the LP back to the store. One of the things I like about it is the headstock with the offset 3+3 machines, which helps the AV3 stay in tune better than the LP with the in-line 3+3. (There's a video on the Greg Bennett channel that talks about this design helping it stay in tune.) A plus is the set in neck versus the bolt on with the LP100.
GraeMatterz 13.01.2019 22:20
@Blain Hawkins That's good to know. I've got a weather eye out for another Samick GB in different body style (one not displayed on the GB archives). My luck to find a guitar line I love only to discover it's been discontinued by the factory.
Blain Hawkins 12.01.2019 03:20
the off set 3+3 is excactly my thing too.i have beat and played this guitar for over 10 loves to be played,when i was in bands over the years i replaced the strings every 2 months.not that the guitar needed it,just as a precaution to not break on stage.samick is #1 in my book i dont care who likes it or not
Philip Maxwell 12.11.2018 04:09
Thanks for watching! It's been a while now since I've owned that particular guitar. I traded it away for something else that caught my eye at the time. I did get a lot of compliments on that guitar when I played out with it, and I would not hesitate to pick one up again at the right price. It sounds like you got a really good deal. Enjoy!
Edwin Martinez 27.03.2018 02:19
12 years and that all you do not practicing
Bill Lawton 15.11.2015 13:16
Do you still have it? Based on your review I am guessing you have traded or sold it by now. I am 45 yo beginner and I bought one. Due to my lack of experience and knowledge I've nothing to compare it to. But, I love it, mine is the Lefty AV3. As I get better I might do some things to it. But that's a long way off. Wondering if you still had it and what you thought about it now.
Nick Dorion 10.08.2019 02:54
Been three years, how's the playing comin?
arse 13.08.2014 19:10
i got one of these for 250$ around 6 years ago and it came with duncan livewire active pickups, still my main guitar . only had the nut replaced with a solid bone nut. great guitar ill never sell it
King Kor 05.05.2014 01:03
thanks Phil, i will be looking at one of these in a trade this week, that was very helpful.
Philip Maxwell 06.05.2014 15:35
Thanks for watching! I ended up letting that guitar go to fund a different purchase. I've had my eye open in case another one pops up on Craigslist. There aren't many Avions out there for sale, at least not in my area (central Ohio).
Steven Cooper 18.08.2013 18:05
I have the Greg Bennett Ultramatic 4 which looks and sounds amazing! You can check out some of my videos where I use it. Great review and honesty! Rock On!
Robert Baldwin 04.04.2013 04:39
I have an AV3, they are apart of the Avanti series from samick, the thing has an awesome tone, I picked one up used for about 200. I can play pretty much any style I want on It, very versatile guitar. The one thing I have an issue with( which is why I am in the market for a new one) is the weight of it. The thing is heavy as heak. This is really a studio guitar, would not suggest playing this on a tour, your back will kill you in the end. 
the one man band 31698 09.03.2013 14:13
Good guitar but its not for shredders
Philip Maxwell 05.10.2012 03:23
You're right about it being a photo flame, but honestly, it doesn't make me like the guitar any less. I knew that Samick had made guitars for Epiphone and others, but I didn't know they made them for Gibson. The AV3 has become my #1 guitar. I don't have a huge collection or anything, but I do have a MIM Tele and a MIA Strat, but the Samick is the one I reach for, especially when I play out.
JoeyJoelBand 02.10.2012 10:09
So you know what I am referring to. The scoop in the top of the body, where it meets the neck. That little small thing, is awesome for the extra reach. It's not about the frets, It's like having a double cutaway, only the top cutaway is very shallow.
Philip Maxwell 26.09.2012 04:48
Gotcha. I thought you were referring to a Gibson Florentine that you have. I did not have the Epi when I got the Samick, so I could not really do a true comparison. However, I will say that the Epi had frets which extended beyond the neck, and I had to file them down: they were so bad, they would catch the high E string. That could have been neglect on the part of the previous owner, though. I sitll like the Samick better for the neck, Grover tuners, and overall tone.
JoeyJoelBand 26.09.2012 01:20
I watching the vid, the guitar is on the wall, and I am looking at that sweet 'lil' ole 'Florentine' cutaway, plain a day. Really, it adds to the ease of playing. And, yes, the maple is real maple.
JoeyJoelBand 26.09.2012 01:18
Hi, LOL, I think you misunderstood... the 'Florentine' is a small 'scoop' of a cut-a-way, on YOUR guitar. When you play the high frets, check your thumb, where it wraps over the top of the neck. You'll notice where the neck meets the body, on a LP, it is straight to the neck. On yours, there is a very shallow scoop, but enough to give ur hands more reach. Let me know when you find it. :)
Philip Maxwell 21.09.2012 02:05
Thanks for watching! I would like to get my hands on a Florentine and check it out for myself. Regarding the sustain: I should have said that the sustain in my Samick was better than the Epiphone and left it at that.
JoeyJoelBand 20.09.2012 22:30
I like ur take on the AV 3. It's truly a fine instrument, & will handle ANYthing you need it for; a shred lead, or punchy rhythm. Samick makes guitars for all the companies. Epiphone, Fender, Ibanez, & more. On the AV Series, check the Florentine cutaway topside where neck meets body. That small bit carved out, gives thumb greater depth, allowing fingers easier access to higher frets. I do disagree re sustain on bolt on necks. I like bolt on's, the bolt on contributes to punch in bass strings.
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