Africans in China: Challenges of integrating into local life in Guangzhou

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Опубликовано: 15.02.2017
The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is home to tens of thousands of African entrepreneurs. Many work hard to fit in but still face challenges as cultural differences lead to clashes with locals. CGTN's Wu Lei has the story. Subscribe to us on Youtube: Download for IOS: Download for Android: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Tumblr: Weibo:
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Boo Ya 12.10.2019 06:07
sad turning that country into another sub african country...
Donald Campbell 10.10.2019 23:38
There are millions of chines people in Africa.
Boo Ya 12.10.2019 16:33
@Donald Campbell too late
Donald Campbell 12.10.2019 07:13
Boo Ya tell that to all the Chinese in Africa.
Boo Ya 12.10.2019 06:07
sad turning that country into another sub african country...
raven scott 12.04.2019 21:15
you let them into your country what are you wining about?
phil phil 21.10.2018 11:33
In china where you can encounter all those shitty nasty blacks just like some counterfeilt commodity in china.the rubbish .
Eniola Apata 10.09.2018 13:09
Chinese where were in isolation for long time, So having embraced Capitalism Philosophy, the starting to open up, it take time to open up, and understanding each other will also take sometime.
Khangi Luta 11.04.2018 16:55
Learning Cantonese will be helpful.
matthew mann 22.02.2018 01:31
They seem to be doing good there however when it comes to mixed marriages that is when things become more difficult
Kevin G 02.07.2019 20:33
China is fortunate to not have the same historical relationship that European nations and colonies have with Africa.
Louis Li 17.02.2018 03:20
hdiuhiodhqdo sdhfohwoehf 11.10.2019 08:42
对别人的善良,就是对自己的残忍。 中国可以允许一小部分黑人,但是绝不允许太多。对谁都不好。
Liu Xia 02.08.2017 12:43
Please leave China we dont want africans here.
The crap lord Sell 19.09.2019 23:04
Liu Xia alright, than leave Africa.
Ultimate Billy 11.11.2018 05:40
Liu Xia take your bitch ass off YouTube. Your government doesn’t allow you be on YouTube or any democracy websites
Queena Williams 21.10.2018 05:24
If you have that issue, then why are the Chinese coming to Africa.
sang pham 09.10.2018 03:26
tại sao bạn lại đối xử tệ với người châu phi, họ không có lỗi
Al Quappo 12.08.2018 22:36
So take your sisters and brothers back to China we don’t need you in Europe, Africa, Latin America or in North America
Sarcastic Charisma 04.06.2017 07:28
The next challenge is how to claim self autonomous province or independent state from Chinese government after get married with the locals and get dozen of mixed babies.
Kevin G 02.07.2019 20:34
@VarietyGamer Very wise!!
VarietyGamer 13.07.2017 05:03
This is China, they would be crushed in seconds. The Chinese assimilate, nobody assimilates the Chinese. Newcomers are simply assimilated into the Han cultural identity, resistance is futile.
lichwind 04.04.2017 16:09
One of the Chinese culture is ethnic fusion, in history, Han was not a ethnicity, it was a dynasty. All people lived in Han empire proudly claim they are Han people. This is just one example. Today Chinese are decadents of many different ethnic groups in history. Thus, what define a Chinese is the culture, not race or ethnicity. Well, some individuals are not that open-minded, but they are minorities, even through they are very loud on internet. 
lichwind 04.04.2017 16:03
China have its culture, respect it, then people will respect you, and then if you live there Long enough and speak Chinese, you will be automatically accepted.
Nomadic Nationalist 29.08.2018 00:55
Culture and race are not independent.
Tigers want to Eat lions 14.10.2017 22:24
lichwind never
Agostino Zhou 30.03.2017 22:50
fuck off, black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tigers want to Eat lions 14.10.2017 22:22
I don't really want black people actually.
题题 15.08.2017 17:59
Agostino Zhou 有病?是不是傻逼?
깡철 25.02.2017 18:18
Bill Hints 09.02.2019 22:54
Jimmy rui 02.04.2018 13:50
Tigers want to Eat lions 14.10.2017 22:23
tom w 数你傻逼,黑人只会搞乱中国。
tom w 04.03.2017 14:45
가을남자 不要随便喷。显得你自己很没素质
Kindly Kind 23.02.2017 23:43
There is only some challenges because we have not had many africans in our country before. It will become better when there are more and we all learn to know each other, most Chinese do welcome the hard working people from Africa. We share our future and country
CounterStrikeChannel 29.05.2017 06:50
Chinese Nationalist what a troll
kcwin 16.02.2017 07:58
There are now many Chinese living in African countries, and African traders will also build a base in China. Globalization will help China continue its economic growth for decades to come. China is forward-looking in building up connections to Africa where the economies will likely take off in future decades. China is playing a long game, while those who sit around and complain are short-sighted.
kassir al hassaf abdul ahmad bin Bassa 28.06.2019 23:05
woody thegreat 15.02.2017 21:48
gout nigs 23.08.2018 20:36
趁早滚去美国欧洲去找多元化去! 中国有顶尖文化,根本不需要接纳落后的多元文化!垃圾桶才多元化。
gout nigs 23.08.2018 20:36
tom w 04.03.2017 14:45
Xiao Liu 最后世界人口都会大融合눈_눈
Annie Louie 15.02.2017 10:06
No one wants the Africans
The crap lord Sell 19.09.2019 23:02
Yeah, well there thriving in the Chinese city, and how about y’all leave Africa as well. It’s only fair game. If the y’all can live in our countries, so can we.
matthew mann 22.02.2018 01:33
Annie Louie China is accepting them sure there is some challenges but Africans are having there own businesses in China
Annie Louie 15.02.2017 10:05
Oh they are racist. That's right everyone else can be racist all but white ppl
Psy Lee 15.02.2017 09:49
Gross! Kick them out!
TheStoneOfPower! 07.06.2019 14:43
Sure, we will get out and take our businesses with us too, but you Chinese will have to leave Africa completely too. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and sit your dumbass down.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer 15.02.2017 12:48
Psy Lee Racist .3.