How to choose and install the right transformer for my 12V lamps

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Опубликовано: 02.11.2015
Which transformer do I need for my 12V lamps? In this video we show you how to select and install the right transformer for your halogen and LED lamps that work at 12V. At you can easily order your new transformers from Osram for an affordable price.
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ali raz 02.06.2019 09:16
Hello I’ve got ceiling light the transformer is blow in
MQ not 12.05.2019 15:29
how u use two lamb 12 watt with = 24 watt with transformer 35-105 watt ? minimum 35 watt and u use 24 watt I don't understand
Sophie Nice 27.03.2019 14:40
JayT 02.08.2018 18:36
so to get the bathroom lights back on i have to be a mathematician or get a sparky round.
Hamid Mostajabi 12.07.2018 02:53
Hi there! I have 3 MR16 LED light bulb and each one is 50 watt . Can I turn them on at the same time with one transformer? How about if I use 75 watt? Thank you
Lamech Mwesigwa 22.10.2019 05:26
At least one at a time
Michael Love 24.02.2018 11:47
Hi, Can I use the HTM70 to power 5x 12vac G4 LED's at 5W each with out flicker? Thanks.
erics vids 02.10.2017 13:46
Hi buddy i have fitted 4x 1000mm 6030 led bars 18watts each bar i done a basic i=p/v formula so i purchased a plug in laptop style tansformer giving 5amps dc output but its drawing 1amp of mains electricitity can you suggest a more efficiant transformer to power 72watts at 12v thanks i might have purchased wrong thing
saleem Bijapur 12.05.2019 03:32
Hi hau mach mrp 12 watt silling lamp
Dave Alvey 06.11.2017 12:10
You just need a transformer that has an output rating of 72 watts or higher you can double up on two 40w transformers
neethu dennis 30.12.2016 13:48
led bulb series