Africans in Guangzhou Episode 1: Major challenges Africans face

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Опубликовано: 13.02.2017
Every day, hundreds of business people from over 20 African countries look for goods in the neighborhoods of Xiaobei and Dengfeng in the city of Guangzhou. Locals now call this area, "Little Africa." But how many African expats are actually in Guangzhou? Some media outlets put the number as high as 200,000, but an official from Guangzhou's police department said that is a gross exaggeration. Subscribe to us on Youtube: Download for IOS: Download for Android: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Tumblr: Weibo:
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John Cather 04.11.2019 07:58
They will never understand that arresting a criminal is NOT a issue of discrimination.
I'm not 29.09.2019 23:16
African are welcome in China.
hdiuhiodhqdo sdhfohwoehf 11.10.2019 08:07
Kgomotso Molale 28.09.2019 08:29
Alot of hate and negativity on comments below.. I pray 4 all those how felt the need to make racists comment to find peace and again let's all try respect each others country's, cultures and laws ..... ✌
Pat Wayne 10.09.2019 05:51
China is loosing its culture little by little. No no no good. Crime and Government support will come.Taiwan will now be my vacation spot
Mahadi Azad 13.08.2019 03:42
i actually know some africans in china, a lot of them were pretty successful, especially the ones that have learned to speak english
曹丽婉 31.07.2019 16:47
I don't know why, but I really like Ethiopian. I was in that country in 2015. amazing people.
Greg Miller 19.07.2019 23:19
China is smart. They have Europe as a map on how not to this specific group of criminal immigrants get out of control. No bleeding hearts in their Chinese Communist party.
Rui Qiang zeng 02.06.2019 14:45
Chinese leaders, medias n people are no match foreigners, outsiders, western ones especially due Chinese writing too outdated make Chinese too nerdy, geeky, invisible, defenseless, shy, awkward, poorly, ignorant, fugly, stiff, boring, western copycat, corny, uncool, square, quiet, emotionless n motionless etc. .
Zabihullah Zargar 17.04.2019 08:57
Africans are amazing and beautiful people may Allah bless all Africans and entire humanity.. Chinese need to stop prosecuting people on the basis of race and religion when they themselves face racism outside China then they cry like children. Coward Hypocrites
BughunterX 05.11.2019 21:55
Oh, i wasn´t aware that Muslims never have prosecuted people of other beliefs ;) . And arab racism towards black africans ist well documented in history. So go and search yourself....
Sam LSD 14.04.2019 20:44
Why do they need CGTN in Africa? these fucking Chinese, when they come to Africa nobody asks them how long they have stayed in the country. Africans ; Nigerians to be specific stay in your country and sell tomato for a living. The Chinese are stealing your oil and gold while you are scraping the rice from their pot. For fucks sakes be smart for once! Whites stole from Africa, and left nothing, now Asians are stealing from left and right.
nobles J 10.04.2019 15:53
What they are forgetting to tell you is that the Chinese authorities have been denying people renewing their visas without any reason which forces people to overstay their visas. China has been doing everything possible to rid them of their visas and then wonder why people have visa issues. Remember, this video is funded by the Chinese government.
Afrocanuk 30.03.2019 20:57
Other countries such as Dubai are effective at controlling this problem. All foreigners must be finger print & retina scan every 2 years.
Basharat Ahmed 29.03.2019 17:12
Chinese are pig and dog eaters they think they are better than Africans but in my opinion Africans are much better than them in everything including personality and looks in fact Africans are in my opinion the best race if there is one. Edit: I am not african
Prakash Gurung 15.06.2019 15:22
@oof seri ISLAM isn't a race as it has members (Muslims) from all over the world with different races can be Christian, Muslims and so on. Learn to use your brain if you have any which i doubt you do?
oof seri 29.05.2019 22:27
I'd rather not bathe in your river of fucking piss you call 'sacred'
oof seri 29.05.2019 22:27
You're so racist
moshma 970 07.02.2019 22:21
When you hear western Africa (Nigerians, Ghanaians)Congo, Cameroon,Burkina Faso, Liberia, and some others in western and north western Africa.... my brother run for your life.... honest advice from Kenyan born (East African)
Sarmatian 30.05.2019 14:26
@Sam LSD there are different ethnic groups. West Africans are Bantus, Kenyas are closer to the Nilotic group
Sam LSD 14.04.2019 20:53
You Kenyans think you are all that. But I admire your politeness, hate your inferiority complex and your attitude towards other Africans. You think you are white and better while the rest of Africans are bad. Don't be fooled with this colonial mindset. There is no much difference between you and the west African.
moshma 970 07.02.2019 22:17
Nigerians are always thieves born to spoil our African image... stupid
LPAD DPAD 09.04.2019 12:54
God punish your father
Eno Fia 28.01.2019 00:35
what the heck are these racist comments here ?
master rhythm 05.05.2019 15:21
sorry for these ignorance speech,they r uneducated dumbass,not many chinese know international strategy. as an ordinary Chinese guy ,i don't have any problem with African people
Lutting dude 07.04.2019 06:28
Cause of the whites, you have white ass kissers from both sides fuckin with people like us.
THE SERPENT KING 06.02.2019 03:31
Eno Fia Imbecile
Eno Fia 06.02.2019 02:17
@THE SERPENT KING well no need to insult ME lol and no I won't hare it back. Then it'll be a vicious circle
THE SERPENT KING 29.01.2019 06:21
Eno Fia Open your eyes stupid ass woman. The world hates us. Hate it back.
igboman speaks 27.01.2019 05:57
$2000=750k in Nigeria Jonathan could have started a business got more money and then move to China legally
Sam LSD 14.04.2019 20:59
They don't have a brain. Most of these men don't have a brain.
Ryan Zad 04.01.2019 23:09
do those africans speak mandarin?
Mustafa المحارب النوبي 02.02.2019 21:46
Ryan Zad Do the Chinese in Africa... speak any African languages
Bryson Rowden 20.12.2018 05:33
Yet the Chinese are in Africa.
matthew mann 18.12.2018 05:12
Perhaps China should take a few months checking if the visas are legit before accepting any Foreigner period
Stephen Yang yang 13.11.2019 07:33
matthew mann you can't, because you low iq people are so weak
matthew mann 28.04.2019 22:00
@Sam LSD Or Africans should kick Chinese out first before the other follows.